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The Gift That Keeps Giving – Martial Arts

Please do not panic, but the holidays are right around the corner. Christmas is 58 days from today, Hanukkah is 31 days out, and Kwanzaa is the day following Christmas. Now that you have read this, you may be starting the endless searches through web pages, store websites, and lists of top gifts for (fill in the blank) on Google. Ok, now breathe. This yearly process is both overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time. If you know, you know.

As many strive to find the perfect gift, the same level of anticipation each time an idea pops up and the search begins is often met with the same disappointment as you struggle to find precisely what you are looking for. A prime example is the “impossible to find” gift. When you are trying to find a popular shoe that you come to find out was made in 2007, the only ones available are from sketchy knock-off providers with horrible reviews. How about an “everybody wants one” gift? You go store to store and site to site looking for the most popular toy, but they are sold out (they have made movies about this!) or won’t be in time. Lastly, let us not overlook the “has everything” gift. The parent or friend who has everything or buys it before you can even think about gifting them.

SwiftKick Martial Arts offers a gleam of hope for those looking for the perfect gift that would bring a smile to anyone’s face. Might I suggest this gift continues to give well beyond the day it is received? Martial arts programs vary in length of commitment, purpose and are available for all ages and goals at SwiftKick studios in Carlsbad and Rancho Bernardo.

Young Kids Love Martial Arts

If you have little ones to buy for, popular toys and books are still popular choices. But, let us be honest, most gifts end up in a drawer, broken, forgotten, and outgrown before New Year’s Day. Wanting to be creative and thoughtful, the struggle is real to find gifts for young children that will be beneficial (so, not only candy and video games), healthy, and different from other gifts. One incredible benefit of a gift certificate for classes or a ninja party with the fantastic team of instructors at SwiftKick is you know it will be fun, you know it will be memorable, and you know they must leave the house! Younger children thrive in martial arts classes, and it is a great way to stay active, and they learn many life skills from a young age in these programs.

Teens Need Martial Arts

Oh, the joy of teenagers. They are growing both physically, emotionally, and mentally. The surprise factor of gifts is almost non-existent. The lackadaisical responses have often left the givers wondering if they love or hate their gifts. If you are seeking the surprise factor, martial arts classes are a huge win. Although it is not guaranteed that they will shout for joy out loud, they will be getting a gift that does show the love and care for who they are becoming.

On another note, if you love giving gifts, but it also drives you up the wall when teens lose brand new Air Pods within weeks of receiving them, or they beg for some item that doesn’t exist outside of TikTok, a martial arts gift certificate can be extraordinary. Teens love the idea of learning self-defense, and it is empowering and a healthy alternative to the next version of interactive video games. I am not discounting video games for gifts, just offering an additional gift that they will thank you for later.

Adults Benefit from Martial Arts

I continually struggle with what to get those I love that shows how much I care, is personal, and something they have never received before. As those in our gift-giving circle become older, the list of things they need or want gets smaller. The \”impossible to buy for\” group. Parents, grandparents, a friend who loves to shop, a youth leader, a sibling, you name it, the list of those that would enjoy receiving this gift is endless.

Self-defense classes, Girl Power workshops, and classes for all ages provide increased flexibility, focus, and better physical health. Imagine your \”impossible to buy for\” kicking a board and breaking it! These gifts keep on giving and help those you love to achieve things they probably never imagined.

Whether considering a gift certificate for an adult in your life, a teen with the impossible list of gifts, or a child that would love a ninja party, SwiftKick offers several incredible gift ideas. Another great thing about giving martial arts as a gift is all the \”build-up\” gifts (gloves, mouth guard, re-breakable boards, etc.) that come before it…leaving them guessing, making the reveal even more exciting!

Maybe consider putting SwiftKick gift certificates on your list, or go ahead and buy yourself a gift that will keep on giving – you deserve it!

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