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Corporate Staff

Martial Arts Corporate Staff



Community Engagement Director

Sarah McCann Piscopo has been a martial artist and community advocate for 20+ years and has been working at SwiftKick for 7 years. Sarah is passionate about her role as Community Engagement Director as she loves serving the people around her.  Sarah has been competing in Taekwondo since the age of eight, has participated in multiple demo teams and holds a second degree black belt. Sarah also holds a Master's degree from Montclair State University in which her research focused on accessible movement and community engagement.

Her favorite thing about martial arts is that it empowers the individual to dream big and accomplish their goals all while staying physically, mentally, and spiritually fit. In her free time you can find her camping, hiking, helping her neighbors with their animals, and playing with her daughter.



Rachel Welchons


Director of Client Services

Hi everyone! I started my training with Swiftkick nine years ago, and more recently I have taken on coaching. I especially enjoy coaching because it blends my love for martial arts and of working with children into one. Throughout the past years of training, I have had many moments of striving, and moments of success. Getting to walk with students through their journey, share with them what I have learned, and watch them have the same challenges and triumphs that I experienced, makes coaching a highlight of my week. The mental, physical, and even emotional challenge of training the skills myself, teaching others, and learning from every day, makes for a dynamic, moving journey, and that is what I love about martial arts.

On days when the studio is closed, I enjoy sticking my hands in the dirt to garden. I also might quilt, hike, or challenge myself with training my family dogs. To relax, I grab my camera and escape to the outdoors where I practice photography.

Starting with Swiftkick when I was small and working my way through the belts and the student leadership program has taught me many invaluable lessons, kept me fit, and has given me a healthy way to engage my mind, body, and spirit.





Lead Generation Specialist & Content Producer

Ashley Welchons has been training in martial arts for 20+ years, and has been training at Swiftkick Martial Arts for 3 years. Before that, she has trained at two different schools, receiving her second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do at both schools. Ashley is an experienced marketing and multi-media producing professional, working for companies in the Bay Area and San Diego. Ashley is also a freelance photographer for families and companies in San Diego.