Growing Girl Power Workshops

Carlsbad - 9/14/19
RB 9/28/19
Both from 1pm-3pm

My son has been a student at SwiftKick for over 10 years. The awesome thing about SwiftKick Martial Arts is while they teach self-defense, they also teach self-control. The entire staff are incredibly patient, and mix in fun activities to get students (adult and children alike) to be active, learn self-control, and have a ton of fun doing it. A few years ago, after seeing how much fun our son was having, my wife and I also started and have been loving it ever since!
Scott Kraetsch
Scott Kraetsch
22:51 08 Aug 19
Our oldest daughter has been a part of Swiftkick for 4 years and she loves it. It has given her tons of confidence and let her grow as a leader. The coaches definitely engage with our kids and take an individualized approach with teaching them. While our kids have grown and have a great time there, if there is one thing that they can improve upon, it's that having more classes especially at the more advanced level would be awesome!
Leng Ky
Leng Ky
14:11 18 Jul 19
Four of our children have trained here over the last 3 1/2 years. The coaches are excellent at engaging younger and older students alike. We count this as a valuable piece of our children's education.
Erin Nave
Erin Nave
16:50 16 Jul 19
My son loves Swiftkick at Rancho Bernardo. When our summer travel plans got cancelled he was happy cause he won’t be missing Swiftkick!! I noticed an increased level of discipline and alertness in him. Sometimes when I call out to him or assign a task at home he replies “ yes mom”. 😀Thank you Swiftkick.
Jan S
Jan S
16:30 20 Jun 19
I was in Bernado class for almost 6 months. Sadly, because of work reason, I have to move. I have learned a lot from SwiftKick. I came in as a kickboxing background student and came out as a martial arts student. I have learned more defense skills, move technique, and kick skills. If I can stay longer, I believe I can learn more skills. All instructors are very nice and reachable. For adult class, your classmates are great instructor, too.
Ziyue Jin
Ziyue Jin
22:53 11 Mar 19
We are so happy we signed our Liam up with Swiftkick Marital Arts in RB. We started 2 months ago with our 9yr old and he has made such great progress and actually loves going 3 times a week. If he is in a bad mood going he comes out of there super happy. He smiles through the whole class. We just signed up our 7 year old this weekend and he is so far loving it also. The staff are absolutely amazing with the kids.
We are so grateful that we found Swiftkick Martial Arts. We were introduced by the after school program they offered on our schools campus. After just 7 weeks of training, through that program, we already saw a difference in our children’s behavior, attitudes and confidence. We knew we needed to continue. We appreciate the flexibility of the program and the great leadership offered by the coaches in each class. We now have all three of our kids in the program. We feel good about investing into their health, their character and their safety.
16:59 20 Mar 18
My son has been practicing at SwiftKick Martial Arts for about two years. We have been nothing but pleased with the level of instruction, the professionalism of the teachers and staff, and the difference it has made in our son's life. We love how there are always many instructors available to help a child, give them a little motivation, or keep them focused. The teachers know all of the kids, by name, and they engage them personally by knowing who they are and what they are interested in. One thing I remember from our first day, was that Mr. Smith knew that my child was new, he knew his name and he welcomed him. That little personal touch can make an uneasy child more comfortable, that little thing, has stayed with me all this time and I think it is what makes SwiftKick so special.
Janice Takade
Janice Takade
23:41 11 Feb 18
My 5 year old and 8 year old started at SwiftKick about a year ago and have loved it. I have watched them become more focused, gain strength and coordination and have fun doing it! About 9 months ago, my husband and I decided to join. I have become more confident and love the fact that I am getting great exercise and learning important self defense skills. There are plenty of class times to choose from throughout the week and all of the instructors are knowledgeable and kind. I would highly recommend SwiftKick for the entire family!
Kelly Tognetti
Kelly Tognetti
01:15 22 Aug 17

Gain Confidence, Discover Self Defense, Get an Awesome Workout and Have a Ton of Fun with Adults and Kids of all Shapes and Sizes. Get Your First Class Free ($25 Value).


The SwiftKick Martial Arts Explorer Program serves children ages 3-5. Unlike any other children’s martial arts activity, the SwiftKick

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martial art san diego for kids


The SwiftKick Pathfinder Martial Arts Program serves children ages 6-11. If your child is under 6 and you would like them to

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The SwiftKick Impact Program serves teens ages 13-18. This program is designed to use the martial arts as a venue to develop physical

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The SwiftKick Martial Arts Champions Program serves Adults ages 18 and up.

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adult martial arts program

Martial Arts San Diego

martial arts san diego

SwiftKick Martial Arts San Diego is a Self Defense and Applied Martial Arts education program based in San Diego and Carlsbad. SwiftKick Martial Arts San Diego is not the typical martial arts gym or school. Our unique self defense classes focus on an approach that blends the best of mixed martial arts and combat self-defense to teach a highly functional and dynamic martial arts system. At SwiftKick Martial Arts we encourage our clients to become experts in practical fitness and self-defense. Our San Diego based martial arts program is also about integrating our martial arts training for increased success in business, education, and relationships.

Our Core Martial Arts Self Defense Programs

At SwiftKick we offer four core martial arts programs at our San Diego Martial Arts studio located in Rancho Bernardo and our Martial Arts Carlsbad studio.

  • For Children (3-5) we have our Explorer program.
  • For older children (6-11) we have our PathFinder program.
  • For Teens (12+) we have our Impact program.
  • For Adults (18+) we have our Champion program.

Each of these martial arts programs are designed to train students in Applied Martial Arts, a dynamic and integrated system focusing on functional martial arts, kickboxing, and self-defense. At SwiftKick, we value the martial arts to also be a life performance vehicle, something that can be applied to better yourself in all life pursuits.

Transforming Lives Through the Power of Applied Martial Arts



San Diego / Rancho Bernardo