Kids’s Martial Arts San Diego

Kid's Martial Arts Carlsbad for Ages 3-5

The unique Explorers program at SwiftKick Martial Arts is the first opportunity for children from 3-5 years of age to explore and develop fundamental martial arts skills. The only San Diego martial arts studio to offer a program for this age group, SwiftKick’s fully staffed team, allows the entire family to participate in training. Experienced instructors work with children at this critical age to develop self-control, respect, and the value of hard work. Students, even at this young age, can set goals and work to achieve them. As children work both inside and outside the studio to exhibit their understanding of the martial arts purpose, stripes are earned, and they move up in rank by achieving the next belt color. Many instructors began the SwiftKick program at a young age, so their mastery of Brian Cowell's vision is complete as they train the following martial arts generation.

Students learn through educational and experiential play to enhance the learning process in a creative, enjoyable setting.

SwiftKick stands apart from its competitors for several reasons. The ability to carry a full staff of instructors means consistent classes, multiple training times, and locations. Offering two locations in San Diego, many families find the Carlsbad and Rancho Bernardo studios provide plenty of parking and convenient times. Class schedules are coordinated with students\' ages in mind. Rising above other martial arts programs for children, the SwiftKick Explorer program is purposefully designed to develop social, intellectual, and physical skills. While many extracurricular activities offer one of the three skills above, training with SwiftKick integrates all three and provides a wide variety of benefits:

San Diego Self-Defense Classes for Kids

Even at a young age, children learn skills to defend themselves and get away if faced with a dangerous situation. Children also learn coping skills to use if faced with confrontation at school or other social settings. Once children realize they can protect themselves and others, they become compassionate. The master level of instruction of SwiftKick instructors is evident in the intentional guidance on when, where, and how to use martial arts skills.

Our Martial Arts Program Teaches Balance and Coordination

Children immediately have improved balance since many moves and techniques require focus and balance to practice. Coordination of the mind, self-awareness, and sequences of movements improve coordination. These improvements come naturally through training.

Focus and Discipline are Core Tenants in Our Children's Martial Arts Program

Children in this age group benefit from improved focus. Their minds are developing and processing many things at the same time. The talented team of instructors, specializing in working successfully with this age group, train students to increase focus in increments. Making eye contact throughout training is a huge step, and parents notice! In addition to improved focus, being disciplined in listening and responding to instruction is core to students progressing in rank. Stripes are earned once a student can show they can listen and follow the other virtues taught in martial arts.

Martial Arts Builds Self-Confidence

The skills and virtues taught consistently at SwiftKick quickly result in higher self-confidence. Children are encouraged by instructors, their peers, and their families. Students achieve goals and have the stripes and belts to show for it. The Explorers program enhances self-confidence. Self-confidence fosters assertiveness, leadership, and initiative in the studio, at home, and at school.

Self-Control is Essential

This is an essential life skill, and it is never too young to begin training in this area. Children learning self-control over their bodies and minds means better relationships and improved decision-making. Students of martial arts learn how to process emotional surges and how to navigate them without losing control.

SwiftKick Martial Arts expertly teaches young children the fundamental skills, techniques, and sequences appropriate for the Explorers age group. Instructors make learning and reaching goals fun in a family-friendly environment. Senseis are consistent in their approach, focusing on children’s ability to apply martial arts training to all aspects of life.

An integral part of the community, SwiftKick believes martial arts can bring families and neighborhoods together. Keep an eye out for community events and outreaches. The SwiftKick family is always looking for ways to build community near their Carlsbad and Rancho Bernardo locations.

SwiftKick Martial Arts offers a comprehensive program for young children in Explorers. Incorporating many martial arts disciplines, students learn Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Krav Maga, Karate, and more. Brian Cowell, Owner, and Founder includes the most relevant techniques for each age group, modifying sequences to be achievable for young students. As students continue in the program, they move into PathFinders, designed for children ages 6-11 years old. Check out some incredible testimonials celebrating the success stories of SwiftKick students and graduates.

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