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Children's martial arts program Carlsbad

Unlike Any Youth Martial Arts Program

The SwiftKick Martial Arts Explorer Program serves children ages 3-5. Unlike any other children’s martial arts activity, the SwiftKick Explorer program is designed to use the martial arts venue to develop social, intellectual, and physical skills. Students learn through educational and experiential play to enhance the learning process in a creative, enjoyable setting. While many extracurricular activities offer limited advantages, training with SwiftKick integrates a wide variety of benefits:

  • The skill to defend yourself and others
  • Improved fine motor skills while enhancing brain development
  • Improved balance and physical coordination
  • Improved focus and discipline in listening and responding to instruction
  • Enhanced self-confidence fostering assertiveness, leadership, and initiative
  • Self-control over your body and mind resulting in better relationships and improved decision making
  • A fun, family-friendly environment and community
  • The ability to apply martial arts training to all aspects of life

Our studios are located in Rancho Bernardo and Carlsbad.