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Mixed Martial Arts Classes for Adults

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Our family-friendly environment, coupled with an emphasis on fitness and fighting smart, makes our program unique for adults.

San Diego Adult Martial Arts and Self Defense Classes

Our San Diego based Adult Champion martial arts and self defense program is designed specifically for the time constrained working professional. Our self defense clients are looking for a fun and effective way to get in shape and improve their quality of life. SwiftKick Martial Arts’ Champion program is designed to do just that.

Your Results

At SwiftKick, we are primarily concerned with helping you experience the life changing results in martial arts. Here is what you can expect as a result of your training:

  • Improvement in your overall health and wellness
    Our martial arts program is one of the best workouts you can do. Expect to lose weight, increase energy, tone your body, improve flexibility, build cardio endurance and have tons of fun.
  • Development of Practical Self Defense Skills
    Our self defense training focuses on developing practical skills for real world self-defense. Training at SwitKick will help you develop the skills and confidence to protect yourself and your loved ones.Clients also report that their training improves their quality of life overall by helping them manage stress, deal with conflict, and overcome personal obstacles.
  • Become Stress Free
    Exercise and martial arts are proven methods to combat stress. In today’s world, working professionals dedicate most of their time to work, family, and other responsibilities often neglecting their own needs. Many of our clients report that their martial arts training becomes an incredibly enjoyable activity that fills their emotional, mental, and physical tank each week.

Your Fitness

Fitness is an integral part of martial arts training as well as overall physical and mental health. With time consuming schedules and complicated training programs, many individuals find it difficult to attain their desired fitness results. SwiftKick’s functional martial arts training focuses on core strength, body control, and functional biomechanics to improve strength, agility, conditioning, and weight loss. SwiftKick’s martial arts courses are designed to attain fitness results in an enjoyable, innovative, and personal environment.

Call for a free introductory class; you will experience the most incredible opportunities for success through our Champion program at SwiftKick.

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