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Our family-friendly environment, coupled with an emphasis on fitness, fighting smart and positive role models,  make our program unique for you, your children and teens. 

SwiftKick’s Rancho Bernardo studio is nestled in the beautiful community, easily accessed off the 15 freeway at Rancho Bernardo Road. The original home to Brian Cowell’s vision, SwiftKick in Rancho Bernardo has built a reputation for dynamic and positive martial arts training. SwiftKick Rancho Bernardo values every student. SwiftKick prioritizes being involved in the community and building meaningful relationships with the residents and local businesses. SwiftKick continues to provide exceptional martial arts training for children and adults in the Rancho Bernardo area.

When CEO and Founder Brian Cowell brought his vision to reality, Rancho Bernardo was SwiftKick’s first home. Immediately embraced by this incredible community, Brian knew he had found the best place to start his journey to bring something positive to the people in the area. SwiftKick quickly became the most highly regarded martial arts training studio in Rancho Bernardo and the surrounding areas.

Something for Everyone

The extensive classes and expert instructor lineup are pivotal in SwiftKick Rancho Bernardo’ssuccess. The growing popularity at SwiftKick Rancho Bernardo allowed Brian and his team the ability to expand to a second studio in Carlsbad. Brian considers every day a blessing as he gets the privilege of watching lives transform through training.

Brian’s thoughtfully designed curriculum is built from modules that give children and adults self-confidence in their skills. Individuals set goals and work to achieve them with the encouragement and guidance of master senseis. The programs comprehensively include striking, strike defense, ground, takedown defense, close combat, and weapons defense. SwiftKick clients love the wide range of skills they learn through well-rounded training. True to his nature, Brian always incorporates fun training elements like board breaking and sparring!

Brian always strives to provide SwiftKick students with the best experience with the most diversity of techniques and martial arts styles.


Self-defense is one of the most sought-after skills people in Ranch Bernardo go to SwiftKick. SwiftKick has a reputation for relevant, practical self-defense training that can\'t be found anywhere else in the area. Brian, through his own life experience and being a father, understands how impactful martial arts can be for young people. It is evident through Brian’sspecial self-defense training events that these skills are lifesaving, and everyone can benefit from learning basic breakaway and defense skills.

A Girl Power self-defense workshop always draws a large crowd, Back to School events, and Brian’s purposeful and physical summer Ninja Camps. The community has shown such an outpouring of support for the programs offered at SwiftKick Rancho Bernardo. Brian’s only goal is to make his programs better and more accessible for the Rancho Bernardo community. Thus far, the success keeps Brian, and his expert team of instructors motivated to maintain their reputation as the best martial arts studio.

Multiple Class Times and Days

SwiftKick Rancho Bernardo accommodates residents\' busy schedules, offering multiple class times on several days so that attending each week is not a challenge. Brian works with students and their families and recognizes flexibility is necessary for some families to be involved.

Brian’sdecision on location was also made to ensure students and their families could find the facility easily with plenty of parking. SwiftKick Rancho Bernardo is dedicated to removing obstacles to encourage people to stick with the training. Brian and his team pride themselves on a clean, organized studio with a welcoming atmosphere!

SwiftKick Rancho Bernardo continues to partner with local schools and businesses because Brian’s vision is to reach everyone with the immense benefits martial arts training offers. Check out the countless testimonials of families participating in SwiftKick’s training. Families express gratitude for the unique and comprehensive design of Brian’s programs. Story after story surfaces how families see their reserved and uncertain children gain confidence, self-control, and respect. Many of SwiftKick Rancho Bernardo’sstudents have ultimately become instructors. Retaining such talent is evidence of Brian’sgenuine investment in martial arts and the community of Rancho Bernardo.

As Brian oversees the activity and training at both the Carlsbad and Rancho Bernardo locations, SwiftKick will continue to provide the highest-level martial arts training experience. Brian and his team offer a family-friendly atmosphere where students feel welcome, and families gain an advocate. Brian works with families struggling with certain behaviors and works side by side to help children become their best selves.

Sign up for a free class and see for yourself. Brian is wholly invested in ensuring there is not a better program for families and adults wanting to be involved in a martial arts program in the Rancho Bernardo area. We look forward to seeing you there!

Martial Arts Rancho Bernardo Studio

16775 Bernardo Center Drive
Suite F (Next To CVS)
San Diego, CA 92128

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Call for a free introductory class and provide you and your family with the most incredible opportunities for success through our mixed martial arts programs at SwiftKick.