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Martial Arts Testimonials

If you’re looking for a program that offers top-notch self-defense and martial arts training for yourself, your family, business associates, and other special relationships become part of the SwiftKick family and invite others to do the same.



My son has been training with SwiftKick since he was 4 years old.  His father and I both saw an amazing improvement in our son’s social confidence. The area that stands out most to me as a parent is that SwiftKick focuses not only on martial arts skills but on character development; self-control, respect for self and others, decision making etc.  I will always be grateful for SwiftKick and Brian for their positive influence on my son.– A.A., Carlsbad

I had reservations at first since we didn’t necessarily want our child to learn karate. We don’t  believe in violence so finding the right program that had an emphasis on self development was key for us. Our 7 year old daughter is autistic and it has been a challenge to find a program that she would love. Boy does she LOVE this program. Parents are encouraged to be involved at every level. Physical fitness, self esteem, and self defense are what is being taught here. In the last two months  I have been completely impressed with the entire team and how they make learning so much fun for the kids. Give it a try you will not be disappointed. RG– Roberta G., San Diego

SwiftKick has exceeded our expectations for our daughter. She is not afraid of being caught in a threatening situation, because she knows that she can defend herself. We are grateful for Mr. Cowell and the SwiftKick program for making such a difference in our daughter’s life.– Kerri, 4S Ranch

After two years in a SwiftKick program, our son lost 40 pounds and is enjoying his new life as a physically fit young man. We are especially excited about his newfound sharp mind and increased creative energy.– Dr. Smith, Escondido

My two boys love Swiftkick and its instructors, they get a great work out and I love that they are learning discipline and building strong character.  Highly recommend this place.– J.S., San Diego


I have been training with SwiftKick for the past several months. The instructors are extremely good and I have really liked the blended martial arts approach. I have 3 small children and have signed them up as well, and all of them love it. It has really helped me with my fitness goals as well as helped me learn new self defense techniques.– N.H., San Diego


I started training MMA when a friend invited me to try out the Champion class in Carlsbad about a year and 4 months ago. At first, I was committed to the classes for the short membership and then I started to see so many benefits in other areas of my life.

I learned:
-The things I say inside my head matter. It is important to focus on the positive and coach my body into alignment with the skills i’m working on instead of the things I have not yet mastered.
-The ways I engage or disengage from the various ranges also are seen in the ways I confront or handle hard situations in life
-Expressing my needs and communicating what I need help at will always advance me to the next level
-My body loves the modules where we have a lot of high intensity workouts in short bits, i like grounding and focusing on my breath.
-When I am unable to train, I really miss the release of energy and the physical benefits of a good workout and my training partners.
-and more….

What have you got to lose? Maybe you’ll learn many other things in addition to have a great workout and training experience too! You’ll love the coaches and interactions at either location but i’m biased of course to Carlsbad ????

– R.B., Carlsbad