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Where it All Began: The First Evidence of Martial Arts In History

By Swiftkick Staff | June 5, 2024

Undeniably, martial arts have intrigued generations with roots back to pre-historic times. Although what began so long ago seems like it would naturally become outdated, the opposite has occurred. Martial arts have kept its core and adapted through the years, but where did it all begin? We have heard that martial arts began as training […]


Statistics Don’t Lie: Martial Arts Benefit Lives

By Swiftkick Staff | May 22, 2024

It is interesting how it somehow seems more believable when you mention statistics and research. Martial arts are commonly misunderstood as simply learning how to fight. Although fighting and subduing an opponent are components of martial arts training, at its core, it is much more profound. Many who practice martial arts choose it as a […]

Ninja Camps Turn Up the Energy and Make an Impact This Summer

By Swiftkick Staff | May 8, 2024

Whether you watch America Ninja Warrior or have been feeling the draw to enrolling your child in martial arts, this summer’s ninja camps are the ideal opportunity for families! Parents always strive to find engaging and fun ways to engage their children over the summer, and having them be off the phone and doing something […]

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Sparring Vs. Tournaments in Martial Arts: How to Prepare to Compete

By Swiftkick Staff | April 24, 2024

In martial arts training, competitions are common events that many students enjoy and work towards. Organized competitions allow students to compete against others in studios with different training styles than a student’s home gym. Students enjoy seeing how their skills play against others in their age and rank group. Unlike training within the same studio, […]

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Can Martial Arts Help Promote Weight Loss?

By Swiftkick Staff | April 10, 2024

Martial arts are a dynamic way to approach weight loss. Many who begin martial arts lose weight without that ever being a specific goal. However, due to its nature, martial arts do promote weight loss and healthier lifestyles for students and their families. Losing weight and getting in shape are two of the most common […]

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How Martial Arts Build Confidence in Kids

By Swiftkick Staff | March 27, 2024

Martial arts are changing lives, and participating in training plays a significant role in building confidence in kids. The mental and physical training that kids receive in thoughtful martial arts programs, like those at SwiftKick, helps them develop strength, coordination, and focus, which all lead to increased confidence through higher self-esteem. When a program is […]

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The Importance of Timing in Martial Arts Promotions

By Swiftkick Staff | March 13, 2024

Martial arts should instill discipline, fitness, and self-defense in its students. Unfortunately, some studios cave to the pressure from families and students to move up the ranks quickly. Some of this pressure comes from knowing that specific activities are reserved for higher level students, and others just because people can be impatient when it comes […]

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Girls Can Do Anything Boys Can Do: What Martial Arts Can Do for Women and Girls

By Swiftkick Staff | February 28, 2024

Martial arts are an incredible outlet for women and girls to stay fit, learn self-defense, and connect with other like-minded individuals. People quickly realize that martial arts training offers countless benefits. Girls, ages three and up, through teenhood and into young adulthood, become confident and strong female figures through excellent martial arts training programs that […]

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Safe and Beneficial Spring Break Activities

By Swiftkick Staff | February 14, 2024

Spring break time for school-aged children is fast approaching. As traveling over spring break may be a thing of the past for some families, whether due to the expense or another reason, staycations have become the new way for children in school to spend time during the weeklong holiday. One way to keep children engaged […]

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Self-Defense is Equally Mental and Physical

By Swiftkick Staff | February 1, 2024

Self-defense is as mental as it is physical, and that is why it is good news for anyone wanting to learn how to protect oneself! Anyone, and that is all-inclusive, can learn self-defense regardless of their size or physical ability. One thing that most people who have never trained in self-defense overlook is that well […]