Impact Teen Martial Arts Program

Martial Arts Program for Teens Ages 13-18

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Our family-friendly environment, coupled with an emphasis on character tenants, fighting smart and positive role models,  make our program unique for your children and teens. 

San Diego Martial Arts Studios include Rancho Bernardo and Carlsbad

SwiftKick Martial Arts offers unmatched martial arts training in the San Diego areas of Carlsbad and Rancho Bernardo. The SwiftKick Impact program is designed specifically for youth ages 13-18. These are formidable years, and it is critical to provide teens an outlet to explore their leadership, commitment, accountability, and self-advocacy.

Brian Cowell, SwiftKick’s Founder, has instructed many teens through Impact, watching them thrive, and many train to become instructors. Brian\'s approach to martial arts training that includes the best of many disciplines, including Jiu-Jitsi, KickBoxing, MMA, Krav Maga, and more, allows students to experience all martial arts have to offer.

The benefits are endless, but Brian focuses on what works for this age group. Professional but family-friendly, Brian and all the certified instructors teach how to be a better you. The Impact program serves teens ages 13-18. The studios are designed to support the development of physical competence, mental acuity, and improved cognitive thinking. In these critical years, before students reach young adulthood, learning the skills, characteristics, and physical demands give students a lifelong advantage accelerating their path to success.

Whether or not your teen has played team or individual sports to this point, do not miss this opportunity to prepare and equip your teen for future success. It is essential teens recognize how they affect others and those around them—empowering teens to make a difference in relationships, decisions, and their social environments. Greater awareness of others and a desire to make changes for the better naturally come through SwiftKick’s Impact program.

The Impact program extends well beyond the reach of other extracurricular activities. Martial arts training is not limited to the benefits because teens can continue mastering techniques through adulthood. As teens learn goal setting and that hard work means results, they are only limited by their effort. Consistent peer support and encouragement from talented instructors at SwiftKick fosters accountability to self and others. Higher levels of respect are achieved. Self-confidence soars, and leaders embrace their gifting.

SwiftKick Martial Arts Impact Program Offers a Plethora of Benefits:

  • IMPACTing Self-Defense – there are few things more important for teens than knowing they can protect themselves and others. SwiftKick martial arts instructors are meticulous in giving sound instruction on using what and how to have the greatest success if faced with danger or potential harm. Students in this program often become more compassionate as they recognize what drives confrontational behavior.
  • IMPACTing Futures – the focus and mind sharpening that occur naturally through SwiftKick’s traditional approach to martial arts equals better mental performance, directly affecting grades and longer-term goal setting beyond school.
  • IMPACTing Healthmartial arts class training time and the practice necessary between classes to move up through the belt color ranks, teens experience improved physical fitness and stamina. Those actively in martial arts training at SwifKick have better athletic performance, weight loss, increased energy, and a significantly more restful state.
  • IMPACTing Mental Health – outside of the many benefits listed here, training in SwiftKick martial arts has changed the lives of teens all over San Diego County. Between the stress of college, finding a job, and any relationships that will significantly change during these years, teens need a way to build and maintain their mental health. Martial arts teach stress management for better emotional and physical health.
  • IMPACTing Confidence – teens that know they can set goals, achieve them, and master something as intricate as martial arts are confident in not only their athletic ability but in all areas of their lives. As teens in the Impact program experience elevated levels of self-control, thinking, and emotions through training, they are poised for leadership opportunities and appointments in school and other extracurricular activities. Increased self-confidence means better relationships and improved decision-making.

SwiftKick programs are designed to make students of all ages feel welcome. The number one thing that weighs on teens\' minds is, \"Will I be accepted\"? The answer when they come to SwiftKick Impact is YES! Providing a nurturing, positive and engaging training atmosphere allows instructors to work individually with each teen to stretch them and show them what they can do.

Working within their peer group, teens often build relationships with other teens and instructors. Learning self-respect and respect for others becomes the core of sparring and tournaments if students compete within martial arts. SwiftKick believes the ability to apply martial arts training to all aspects of life is a fundamental key to success.

SwiftKick offers leadership opportunities and job opportunities in martial arts to students in the Impact Program. Opportunities to attain leadership training, fulfill community service, academic leadership requirements, and even receive part-time income are available to qualified students.

Call for a free introductory class and provide your teen with the most incredible opportunities for success through the Impact program at SwiftKick.