The Module Method at SwiftKick

The Module Method

SwiftKick Martial Arts approach to martial arts training puts an emphasis on the important elements of practical self defense. Our Boxing Module, the Kicking Module, and the Grappling Modules are broken up into 8-week periods to allow students to experience a deep understanding of each discipline. At SwiftKick, we believe students should acquire a basic understanding and application of all three modules to encompass a truly effective self-defense training regimen. Our thoughtful and unique module method is designed with student success in mind while staying true to the history, foundations, and core tenets of quality martial arts training.

The results of our Module Method are that students perform better in all areas of life, and the completion of each module develops more strength and confidence that translate into all areas of life. Our programs are based on some of the leading self-defense systems that are used to train some of our highest performers in the military, law enforcement, world leaders and professional mixed martial arts fighters. At SwiftKick, we focus on setting students up for success by following the Module Method, ensuring students have the foundations of each module to successfully navigate the next. Our instructors are dedicated to partnering with students and helping them progress through the modules at their own pace, while encouraging them to set personal goals.

students training in martial arts belt colors

The Boxing Module

SwiftKick Martial Arts Boxing Module focuses on various elements of traditional boxing training, such as footwork, punching techniques, range, blocking (or shielding) and defensive maneuvers to develop the student’s boxing skills. This training also fosters situational awareness and quick reflexes, allowing individuals to recognize and react promptly. In addition, students will experience improved coordination and balance from boxing training, contributing to a more effective self-defense regimen. SwiftKick takes inspiration and techniques from not only traditional Boxing, but other disciplines like Kickboxing, MMA, Karate and Kung-Fu to strengthen the boxing module. Not only that, students will learn how to hit, but how to take a hit, building mental toughness and confidence, essential traits for maintaining composure under pressure.

swiftkick student practicing kicking with instructor

The Kicking Module

Our Kicking Module is a highly dynamic 8-weeks pulling inspiration from several different disciplines like Kickboxing, MMA, Tae Kwon Do and Muay Thai. Some secondary disciplines integrated into our program are Karate, Kung Fu and Savate. Our Master Instructor, Brian Cowell, has 35 years of kicking based martial arts training and has received a 5th Degree Black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Needless to say, our coaching staff understand the power in which kicking plays in practical self-defense. Powerful and precise kicks that can keep an attacker at a distance, reducing the risk of close-quarter confrontations and high-impact kicks to vital areas, can incapacitate an attacker quickly. Our kicking module also helps improve flexibility, strength, and balance, enhancing overall physical fitness and the ability to execute defensive maneuvers effectively. This module has an emphasis on body mechanics and awareness, ultimately fostering focus and control.

The Grappling Module

SwiftKick’s Grappling Module equips individuals with the skills to control and neutralize an opponent in close-quarters and ground combat. Our coaching team pulls techniques from grappling arts such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), MMA, Muay Thai, and Catch Wrestling that are invaluable when a confrontation goes to the ground, which is common in real-life situations. Grappling emphasizes the use of leverage and technique over brute strength, allowing smaller individuals to effectively defend against larger attackers. Especially for children, this builds confidence in individuals in being able to navigate and defend against potentially serious situations. SwiftKick’s Grappling Module teaches critical skills like joint locks and chokeholds (techniques which can incapacitate an aggressor without causing permanent harm), clinch (stand-up) wrestling, and throws. Additionally, grappling improves body awareness, and stamina, both which are crucial in a self-defense scenario. The ability to control an opponent's movements and escape from holds or pins makes grappling training a vital component of comprehensive self-defense.

SwiftKick students successfully navigate the Boxing, Kicking and Grappling modules to achieve their personal martial arts goals - are you ready?

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The SwiftKick Martial Arts Approach

When you train with SwiftKick, you will see immediate gains in your physical and mental agility as you move through the Boxing, Kicking and grappling Modules. Unlike other martial arts gyms in San Diego County, SwiftKick blends various styles of martial arts into its own unique, practical and highly functional defense system, ensuring students get the best training available.

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Practical Martial Arts for Your Life

If you are interested in seeing how the study of various martial arts styles can improve your life, contact our team of experienced instructors today. SwiftKick has been providing San Diego County residents with the most practical and effective mixed martial arts training programs in the area for years, helping students walk out their goals and achieve them.