Ninja Birthday Party

Kids Martial Arts Birthdays

Ninja Birthday Party


  • Up to 15 children (charge per additional child—Max 25)
  • 2 Coaches
  • 2 Hours of Studio Time
  • Martial Arts Training
  • Games
  • Crafts
  • Pizza
  • Decorations
  • One or Two 6 Foot Tables Available and Chairs
  • Invitations Included
  • You Supply Cake & Drinks

Reserve Your Ninja Party

To reserve your ninja party or for more info contact us at: (858) 385-1600 or email us at:

Family-friendly environment and community

SwiftKick is purposefully designed to provide children of all ages a fun, family-friendly environment and community in which to thrive.

Children ages 6-11 often run into classmates and peers from other social groups. Friendships are formed, respect is strengthened, and children become better citizens in every environment of their lives. Martial arts training benefits children in all aspects of life.

SwiftKick has seen it happen.

SwiftKick sees it happening now.

SwiftKick wants to continue to see it happen for many more to come.

Call today for a free class! SwiftKick is confident that once your child visits a class and you see the professional and healthy environment they provide, you will be glad you did.