Martial Arts Summer Camps San Diego

Get ready to kick your way into an awesome summer!

2024 DATES
Rancho Bernardo:
June 10th-14th & June 24th-28th

June 17th - 21st - Japan
June 24th - 28th - China
July 15th - 19th - USA & UK
July 22nd - 26th - Brazil

Get your child into the dojo this summer where they can learn the ancient secrets of the ninja warrior. Ninja Camp is a fast-paced, skills-based program for kids between the ages of 7-11 who want to learn the way of the ninja. Campers will engage their imaginations, build character and create lasting friendships as they learn awesome martial arts techniques, conquer epic challenges together and have a bunch of fun doing it

Ninja Camp is unlike any other San Diego summer camp experience!

Offered at both the Carlsbad and Rancho Bernardo locations, SwiftKick’s Ninja Camps run from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm Monday through Friday during select weeks throughout the summer. Each day is packed full of awesome activities, including martial arts technique instruction, obstacle courses, crafts and games. Campers will even get to learn the amazing history and stories of the ninja.

Ninja Camps are led by enthusiastic and compassionate instructors who ensure that campers of all abilities and ages have a positive experience, great memories and a ton of fun.

What Your Child Will Learn at Ninja Camp

Ninjas-in-Training must study to master the SwiftKick Ninja Code. Campers will spend their days training in fun martial arts moves like kicks, punches, rolls and blocks. They will also learn new skills like making and using ninja weapons and techniques for eluding opponents (imaginary ones, of course!) The campers’ hard work and perseverance will culminate on the final day when each ninja-in-training will face a series of epic challenges to demonstrate their mastery of the Ninja Code.

  • Martial arts techniques
  • Making craft ninja weapons
  • Sword and ninja weapon skills
  • Interactive obstacle courses
  • Stealth and elusion tactics
  • Ninja stories and history
  • Teamwork challenges
  • Fun ninja games

At Ninja Camp, kids come away with so much more than new martial arts skills, increased strength and improved coordination. All activities are designed to encourage creativity, self-confidence and teamwork. Campers learn the values of hard work, discipline, patience and integrity through interactive games, fun challenges and team activities.

A week at Ninja Camp helps kids: 

  • Build character
  • Cultivate discipline
  • Learn patience with themselves and others
  • Develop a greater sense of integrity
  • Solve problems with confidence
  • Create positive friendships
  • Feel self-assured in the face of a challenge
  • Set a goal and accomplish it!

Are you ready to flip, dive and roll your way into an epic summer?

Any Ninja Camper would agree – there is no summer as fun as one spent at Ninja Camp.

Registration is now open for both SwiftKick Martial Arts locations. Hurry – Ninja Camp fills up fast!

Your ninja journey awaits!

Carlsbad Summer Camps
Rancho Bernardo Summer Camps

Flip, dive, and roll your way into one of the summer’s most radical camps!

Both Ninja and Hero Camps fill up fast!

For ages 7-11 years of age.


Five whole days of exciting and awesome activities.


High energy games geared to teach martial arts skills to children.


Cool make-and-take crafts throughout the week.


Fire & Water Martial Arts Summer Camp

Fire & Water Ninja Camp

It is the SUMMER OF THE NINJA at Our Rancho Bernardo Studio!

Learn New Martial Art Techniques

Build Character and Confidence

Wild Crafts that fuel the imagination

Spend time with friends

Crazy Fun organized Ninja Games

Get out of the house with tons of exercise

Ninja Camp: Water - June 10th-14th
Ninja Camp: Fire - June 24th-28th

*Camp will be from 9am-1pm. There is a time set aside in camp for students to eat packed lunches.

Reserve your spot now while there is space!!

Maitera & Swiftkick Bring You

Martial Arts
Around the World

Swift Kick Summer Camp -4

Martial Arts Around The World

Maitera Martial Arts is partnering with Swiftkick Martial Arts for your child to explore different cultures through crafts, games, new martial arts styles, make new friends and much more. Explore the traditions of Japan, China, Rome, the United Kingdom, Brazil, the Philippines, and much much more! This camp is for ages 5-11.

Come to one or multiple weeks of camp and discover a new tradition each week. We are offering:

June 17th - 21st - Japan
June 24th - 28th - China
July 15th - 19th - USA & UK
July 22nd - 26th - Brazil
Camp hours - 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Registration: $499

2024 RB Ninja Camp


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    June 10th-14th
  • Price: $359.00
    June 24th-28th
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2024 Carlsbad Summer Camp


  • $499 per week
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