Learn self-defense techniques and improve your confidence levels

Self-defense is the right of every individual in this world. The younger you start learning these valuable skills, the more powerful the impact in your life. Quality martial arts programs are the best way to develop self-defense skills. While there are various martial arts schools and gyms spread all over the country, SwiftKick Martial Arts in San Diego provides a unique approach to teaching martial arts and self-defense.

In stark contrast to the typical martial arts gym or school, SwiftKick Martial Arts places great emphasis on blending practical martial arts and combat defense resulting in a highly dynamic martial arts system. The SwiftKick curriculum is continuously being updated with cutting mixed martial arts and self-defense skills from all over the world. Encouraging its participants to become experts in physical self-defense techniques, it sets about integrating this unique art for achieving greater success in building relationships, optimizing performance at school and work, and developing the best version of yourself as well.

Swiftkick Martial Arts has four different programs for various age groups. We shall explore them for the benefit of all.

Explorer program:

Specially made for children in the age group of 3 to 5 years, this program believes in catching them young. In addition to the usual martial arts training, this program concentrates on developing the social, intellectual, and physical skills of these children. Starting at a young age, these programs can enhance the self-confidence levels and make these children assertive in their lives.

Pathfinder program:

The Pathfinder program for children in the age group of 6 to 11 years places stress on improving stamina, energy levels, and athletic performance. In addition to these physical skills, this program focuses on developing self-control, discipline, and focus to help each student do better in school, home, and other activities. Our clients have found that the invaluable self-defense skills and life lessons instilled in each class is an incredibly worthwhile investment.  

Impact program:

This program for teens teaches you the skills of self-defense and exhorts the body to develop self-control. Such a routine can improve the mental performance of the teenager thereby resulting in attaining better concentration levels for an improved academic achievement. Furthermore, the practical self-defense skills taught increase the personal confidence and self-esteem of our teens.

Champion program:

Our Champion Adult Program is ideal for busy, working professionals. In one class you encounter a great workout, relieve stress, and learn valuable self-defense skills to protect you and your loved ones. The training encompasses so much more than just physical changes, but positive psychological changes such as improved work productivity, reduction in stress, and a more positive daily attitude.