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Programs for All Ages!

Are you interested in learning martial arts or is someone in your family interested? Are you wanting the important self-defense and life skills that martial arts brings taught to your children? SwiftKick Martial Arts is the place you’ve been looking for. With multiple locations to serve your family, our programs offer a great way to get in shape, learn self-defense, and also invaluable life lessons such as self-control, courtesy, and discipline. Here is a look at the different programs offered by SwiftKick to see which one might be right for your family.



This class is for children age 3-5 years old. It helps them to develop social, physical, and even intellectual skills as they learn the different techniques and tenets of martial arts which will set them up for lifelong success. They will improve their fine motor skills while they are learning to defend themselves, should they ever need that skill. It’s a great program that surpasses others of its kind in the area.



This class is for children aged 6-11 years old and is the next step up from the Explorer program. Children in this program learn lifelong lessons that teach them to be disciplined and obedient at home, perform better in school, make new friends, and equip them with the courage and tenacity to overcome obstacles in life. Furthermore each student is taught invaluable self-defense skills in every class. The PathFinder program is designed to be inviting and fun to create an awesome learning environment. 



Your teens will love the impact group they are in at either location of SwiftKick Martial Arts. If your teen is already in sports this addition helps them to get better at their athletic training, lose weight if needed, and helps improve their stamina and energy levels. Our teen program is comprised of an amazing group of teenagers and provides a great opportunity to develop meaningful friendships and an enjoyable social activity. Each class is filled with incredibly valuable self-defense skills that builds the confidence of our teen members. 


Champion and Self Defense Options

Our Adult Champion Program is designed for busy parents and working professionals. Classes will help you increase energy, lose weight, and build strength and stamina. Our martial arts and self-defense training is an amazing workout and incredibly effective way to relieve stress. The practical self-defense approach in our training provides cutting-edge self-defense skills to our clients. This is a great bonding activity for couples, parents of kids in the program, or working professionals looking to connect with other likeminded individuals.


Call today or check the website for more information on these amazing classes or to get yourself and your family signed up!