After School Programs

Martial Arts After School Programs In San Diego With SwiftKick Martial Arts!

We have a new and exciting program, “Boxing In Self Defense”
Martial Arts After School Program Carlsbad This special session focuses on developing functional boxing skills for self-reservation. Students are taught only to use a physical response for self-defense as a last resort. At the end of the session, your children will have the skills and knowledge of how to respond to many real life situations.

5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Train With SwiftKick:

  1. Elevated confidence, resulting in less bullying.
  2. Improved physical and mental health, providing higher performance level.
  3. Increased focus promoting higher academic performance.
  4. Improved citizenship, leading to community spirit.
  5. Self-control over body and mind, resulting in better decision making.


Click on the school below to sign your child up for the Martial Arts after school program: