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Kids Martial Arts Carlsbad Ages 6-11

PathFinders Unique Martial Arts Program Empowers Children Ages 6-11

SwiftKick Martial Arts San Diego offers unmatched training specific to this distinctive age group. Unlike any other youth program in design and approach, PathFinders is matched with the most qualified instructors, focusing on the mental and physical development appropriate for this age group. Whether a student moves up from Explorers or tries martial arts for the first time in the PathFinder program, the benefits are undeniable.

Trained, professional, and experienced instructors bring this age group mastery in communication, relationship building, establishing respect, and goal setting. As children from 6-11 are in elementary school, instructors incorporate and align the values, and character traits with the new experiences children are navigating academically and socially.

Brian Cowell, Owner, and Founder of Swiftkick Martial Arts San Diego has thoughtfully outlined skills, techniques, and characteristics expected at this level, making achieving goals attainable with hard work. Children in the PathFinders program must show their sensei understanding of both mind and body elements of martial arts training to move up in rank. Children earn stripes on their belts to mark knowledge and application of character skills and techniques at each level. Once children achieve all stripes necessary to achieve the next belt color, a small ceremony among peers commemorates this accomplishment. Students at this significant age develop a deeper understanding of goal setting and personal responsibility to achieve those goals.

SwiftKick Instructors work alongside families, creating a united team dedicated to helping every child succeed in school, socially, home, and training. With more than 15 years of experience, Brian recognizes the benefits of blending martial arts training styles. Incorporating the best of Karate, MMA, Jui-Jitsu, Krav Maga, and other popular practices makes the SwiftKick PathFinder program exceptional and unmatched in the industry.

Martial Arts students establish and further develop self-control, self-respect, respect for peers and adults, and confidence as they master techniques and sequences of moves. These skills allow children to become masters of the methods and arrangements in martial arts. The significance of control over thought, mind, and focus is critical to recalling and repeating what they have learned. Read some SwiftKick testimonials for PathFinder families – they are continually amazed at how their children respond positively to this program.

Friendships are formed, respect is strengthened, and children become better citizens in every environment of their lives. Martial arts training benefits children in all aspects of life.

SwiftKick thoroughly vets and hires only the best instructors for this group of children. Instructors must exhibit a thoughtful understanding of this age group to serve children ages 6-11. If your child is under six and you would like them to try out the PathFinder Program, call or email us to set up an appointment.

Unlike any other physical youth activity, the SwiftKick PathFinders program is designed to use the martial arts venue to develop physical competency, mental acuity, wise thinking, and thoughtful decision-making skills. Our students gain lifelong advantages that accelerate their path to success. While many extracurricular activities offer limited advantages, training with SwiftKick integrates a wide variety of benefits:

  • Self-Defense – students learn and can replicate sequences of moves that can protect them in a dangerous encounter. Students learn their power as children, including breaking away and who to go to for help. A substantial part of the growth they experience is through the practice of these techniques.
  • Academic Achievements – many families with children ages 6-11 see improved focus and goal setting, equipping children to work towards academic achievements. Children must continue their PathFinder program training into the classroom and home to move up in belt color.
  • Physical Fitness – Students experience improved physical fitness, increased energy, stamina, and athletic performance. Students will practice skills between classes to achieve their personal goals, which often carries over to other physical activities and sports.
  • Improved Well Being – Children with an opportunity to focus energy and process emotions in attending classes at SwiftKick have lower stress. They can work through issues that might have previously been a trigger, promoting greater general well-being.
  • Self-Confidence and Leadership – Children 6-11 are still figuring out who they are and where they fit socially. The PathFinder program at SwiftKick is an incredible opportunity to engage students and give them opportunities to lead in the studio. Self-confidence naturally occurs when setting and achieving goals while being supported by instructors and peers. Increased assertiveness and initiative often result from building up a child\'s self-confidence.

Family-friendly environment and community

SwiftKick is purposefully designed to provide children of all ages a fun, family-friendly environment and community in which to thrive.

Children ages 6-11 often run into classmates and peers from other social groups. Friendships are formed, respect is strengthened, and children become better citizens in every environment of their lives. Martial arts training benefits children in all aspects of life.

SwiftKick has seen it happen.

SwiftKick sees it happening now.

SwiftKick wants to continue to see it happen for many more to come.

Call today for a free class! SwiftKick is confident that once your child visits a class and you see the professional and healthy environment they provide, you will be glad you did.