Four Reasons Children Should Train in Martial Arts

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The popularity of martial arts has grown significantly with increased primetime of UFC and MMA fighting. Some schools hold assemblies with special guests to encourage young people to try martial arts to follow trends. Some studios will offer short after-school, on-campus programs to pique interest. Bringing martial arts to schools as a sport or club effectively builds the sport and trains the next generation of champions.

After watching popular movies and recent shows, such as Kobra Kai, some parents ask themselves, “Will this training increase aggression and make my child a bully?” The short answer is no. Even though children learn to protect themselves, a reputable dojo trains the critical virtues associated with martial arts. Students must show mastery of those in conjunction with technique to move up in rank. As with any contact sport, students learn defensive skills. Although any skill can be misused, martial arts is the only sport that teaches virtues and techniques.

Learning Values Keeps Martial Arts Safe

Regardless of the martial arts discipline, children who work with reputable instructors begin training and are immersed in hard work, self-respect, respect for others, dedication, and commitment. Students progress through rank only when they display these characteristics. Instructors should work with parents to verify students are consistent both in training and outside the studio. Many families with children participating in martial arts experience reduced bullying and increased social interaction success.

Honorable instructors teach traditional martial arts and work diligently with younger students. The PathFinder program at SwiftKick Martial Arts trains children from 6-11 years old, one of the largest demographic groups. Children learn techniques that require balance, improved motor skills, and fitness levels. SwiftKick incorporates a variety of martial arts such as Muay Thai, Ju-Jitsu, Kung Fu, MMA, Krav Maga, offering a well-rounded training experience. Students must exhibit their mastery of skills and techniques learned to the point of testing, showing they can protect themselves and recall sequences.

Sparring Is a Safe Way to Practice Skills

Sparring is a form of training typical after a year or more of attending classes. In this activity, children go through the motions of light combat in full protective gear with the supervision of qualified instructors. Sparring is incredibly effective and allows students to practice the skills they have learned and practiced. Through this process, students learn how to care for their partners. This process requires total trust and respect. Students will not engage in sparring without instructor approval, recognizing the student can engage in this activity while showing self-control and integrity.

SwiftKick Programs are Designed for Safe Learning and Practice

The way a martial arts program is designed is critical to how children are trained, the emphasis and style of the instructors, and the delivery of information. The team at SwiftKick Martial Arts, San Diego, are carefully selected and are often graduates of the program. The program is designed to follow the vision of Owner and Founder Brian Cowell. Brian is heavily involved in training and instructs as well. The skillset and traditional solid values are instilled from the onset. Students understand they can train competitively, not needing to win a fight with peers in sparring. Martial art students represent the sport and understand the responsibility of doing so. Like other contact sports, rules are in place to make it safe.

Benefits for Children Using Martial Arts Training

Martial arts are an opportunity to help children break from technology. Today, our digital culture is designed to market young people and create a sort of addiction. Martial arts encourage physical activity and have helped many children rise above obesity and social awkwardness. Students work with others in their peer groups and find ways to navigate socially. Martial arts training is a healthy way for children to find their voice and gain independence.

1. Martial Arts Get Children Physically Fit

Physically, children that participate in martial arts are getting much needed activity in their weekly lives. Students motivated to achieve the higher rank and new belts often practice between classes to fine-tune their skills. Children learn balance, how to engage their cores, and improve motor skills. The routine and physical demands keep students in excellent health, which naturally wards off many illnesses.

2. Self-Defense Keeps Children Safe

The nature of martial arts includes self-defense. Children learn to think on their feet, not lose focus, and perform skills in stressful situations. Mastering self-control and how to handle emotional surges prepare students for dangerous altercations. Self-confidence soars, and most students can manage potential bullying situations, walking in confidence and diffusing confrontations.

3. Hard Work Equals Reward

Children in training learn many favorable traits, including how their efforts and hard work are realized in a new color belt, a new skill, or breaking boards. Students learn o set personal goals, and as they achieve them, they become better at setting longer-term and stretch goals. These skills and understanding serve children throughout their lifetimes.

4. Children Overcome Adversity

Whether students are tired, feeling defeated, or facing challenges at school, socially, or at home, learning to push through is a life skill. Children must face adversity in life and training. They may be doing a new skill or activity with someone new and must persevere. Building the body\’s ability to keep going and the mental conditioning needed to continue forward builds character.

Martial arts training is a healthy and safe activity for children to participate in. SwiftKick has two locations in San Diego, making it convenient to get your child to training. Finding the right studio is critical, and finding one that is professional, clean with experienced and traditionally trained instructors makes your child\’s success certain. SwiftKick has a team of instructors, so classes will consistently be offered. SwiftKick offers a free class so your child can try the program, and you can observe the instructors, making sure it is the best fit for your precious one.

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