Special Needs Families Team with Martial Arts for Success

Martial Arts originated in Asia and includes many different practices under the umbrella of this well-known art. Among the most popular are karate and taekwondo, although the nuances of styles vary, all require dedication, effort, and training. Additionally, learning this art involves the unique elements of both self-expression and self-competition. Martial Arts is considered an individual sport, focusing on personal achievements while building respect and confidence.

Dispelling the Myth Around Martial Arts Training

Although families initially may think the kicking, punching, sparring, and yelling that goes along with Martial Arts training could potentially be a setback for children struggling with attention, hyperactivity, and tantrums, it has had quite the opposite effect at SwiftKick Martial Arts, San Diego. Instructors have found in managing behavior tendencies commonly associated with attention deficit disorders, such as ADD or ADHD, the skills serve as an incredibly effective therapy for children with these conditions. The flexibility of class schedules and age groups makes it possible for children of any age to participate. Parents and families continue to be amazed at the effectiveness of this training. Children experience accountability as they meet goals while being held accountable for their behaviors inside and outside the dojo.

A child does not need to be diagnosed with these conditions to benefit from Martial Arts training! Focus, concentration, strength building, confidence, discipline, coordination, commitment, and balance are all improved through this age-old traditional art training.

A closer look at the benefits of Martial Arts for children with special needs:

Focus and Concentration – typically a challenge for special needs children. Both focus and concentration are intentionally part of the Martial Arts training due to the demand for both to successfully recall moves and sequences. The length of time children can focus increases through training so that they can master skills.

Strength Building and Balance – the very nature of Martial Arts training is an excellent form of physical exercise combined with the necessary balance to perform several skills. Children learn to calm their minds to achieve what they are working to accomplish.

Confidence – as students meet goals and achieve a higher rank, new belt colors and virtue stripes continually let students know their status. Having control over how quickly they move up is empowering children all over San Diego County! Skilled and patient instructors communicate the following steps, so children know how to achieve the next level. The experience of working among peers, both with and without special needs, allows children to navigate the social aspect of peer groups effectively. Confidence helps special needs children in school and social situations – bullying is always addressed in training!

Discipline and Commitment – SwiftKick\’s incredible staff of skilled instructors diligently work with children as they learn respect for themselves and others. Keeping a clean uniform and being prepared are the responsibility of the student. Every week students continue training at the same time, the same day of every week, with the same peer group. Consistency is something special needs children can thrive in as they explore and navigate the newness of Martial Arts training.

SwiftKick Martial Arts, San Diego, has successfully worked with many families all over the county. Some children are diagnosed with special needs, while others feel their child \”needs to burn energy.\” Dedicated instructors recognize students who need modifications or limitations and seamlessly incorporate this into goal-setting so there is no delay in achievements due to any restrictions they may have.

Families with Special Needs Children See Many Benefits

When beginning the program, families do not usually realize the range of benefits and positive changes they see almost immediately in their child. While Martial Arts is not a cure for special needs, experienced and compassionate instructors understand each child must begin where they are at, with no prior experience necessary, and are incredibly gifted working with all children. This team of instructors, led by Owner and Founder Brian, work side by side with parents throughout the program, ensuring alignment with what parents hope for their children.

Parents whose children have attention disorders and autism found their children had fewer tantrums, slept better, gained independence, and were able to hold their attention long after participating in the SwiftKick Martial Arts training program. As children achieve goals, even simply jumping over something or ducking out of the way of a pool noodle, the joy they exude is fantastic to witness. Students use that energy and joy to continue developing both the mind and body in continued training.

Today, parents with children with special needs are continually seeking ways to improve their child\’s lifestyles and help them achieve the happiness they deserve. Martial Arts trains the mind and body. Focus and attention improve, which allows the body to master motor skills using the core.

If you find yourself hesitating, try a free trial class and watch the transformation begin. Contact SwiftKick Martial Arts and find a San Diego location best for you.



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