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About Us.

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A few words about us

SwiftKick Martial Arts (SKMA) is a San Diego Martial Arts Self-Defense and Applied Martial Arts education program.

SwiftKick is not the typical San Diego martial arts gym or school. Our unique training approach blends the best of mixed martial arts and combat self-defense to teach a highly functional and dynamic martial arts system. At SwiftKick we encourage our clients to become experts in functional self-defense. We teach functional martial arts for the everyday client.

Our training is also about integrating martial arts training to become a high performer in all aspects of life including business, fitness, education, and relationships. Essentially we are also a fitness center and life coaching program geared to transform your life! We also have private, customized training available to fit your needs.

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Our Training

Our Applied Martial Arts training focuses primarily on stand-up, clinch, and ground martial arts in order to give our clients a well-rounded base of effective and practical methods for self-defense. Throughout the course of training, our clients will become well-versed in boxing, kickboxing, grappling, wrestling, and combat military defense. SwiftKick’s training program uses a proven method called Crazy Monkey Defense (CMD). The Crazy Monkey Defense Program has successfully been used to train the military, police departments, champion fighters in mma, and leaders in business and government on a worldwide basis.

Our Methods

The SwiftKick training experience is unique in the industry. To enhance the learning experience we provide a POSITIVE and FUN experience for ALL our clients. To keep our training practical and effective, our training experience is ALIVE and DYNAMIC. To build confidence, we MINIMIZE fear based responses, egotism, and hyper-competitiveness. To promote success in everyday life, we apply the martial arts training to all that we do.

It is our desire to see our clients successful in both their martial arts training and in life, in fitness and in character. Our program emphasizes the development of effective skills in a healthy physical, mental, and emotional training environment. The benefits of training with Swiftkick far outweigh boxing gyms or fitness clubs. Come experience it for yourself and be a part of something that is revolutionary in the martial arts industry!

Ready to find out how martial arts training can empower you to live your best life?

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