Ninja Camps Turn Up the Energy and Make an Impact This Summer

Whether you watch America Ninja Warrior or have been feeling the draw to enrolling your child in martial arts, this summer’s ninja camps are the ideal opportunity for families! Parents always strive to find engaging and fun ways to engage their children over the summer, and having them be off the phone and doing something physical is a bonus. Ninja Camp is a summer-specific week-long camp that martial arts studios will host, introducing kids to the arts and guiding them through a week-long journey of harnessing their physical strength and achieving great things in a short and impactful training throughout the Ninja Camp experience.

Family Friendly Studios Love Hosting Ninja Camps

Studios like SwiftKick Martial Arts look forward to Ninja Camps because they have seen it turn lives towards the incredible life journey of martial arts training. Students unleash their potential in a week and have fun in the process. Finding and nurturing the inner ninja is as fun for the kids as for the instructors and parents. The exciting and impactful journey of Ninja Camp is a fully immersive camp experience with lots of activities and stealth-like moves that are specifically for ninjas!

Why Ninja Camp is a Don’t Miss This Summer

The list of benefits of Ninja Camp as a summer activity for kids is a long one. Ninja Camps are designed to be inclusive so that children of all ages can participate in this incredible opportunity.

Building Self Confidence

Ninja Summer Camp is a unique opportunity to improve physical fitness in a stimulating, engaging, and encouraging atmosphere. Children grow in strength, flexibility, focus, coordination, and endurance through many fun activities they don’t even know are good for them! Navigating obstacle courses and overcoming challenges builds confidence. Many students choose to come back and train regularly after attending Ninja Camp – martial arts are an impactful and powerful way to build self-confidence! Many ninjas make friends in camp; this is a healthy environment in which to get to know others in the same peer group and gain confidence in making new friends.

Let’s Get Physical

As all parents figure out the new summer schedule, the first days of summer will likely be filled with extra screen time. However, most parents agree that screen time should continue to have its limits during the summer, which is where Ninja Camp comes in. When a child is excited to go see friends and instructors and engage in a fun day of ninja activities, the parent’s job suddenly becomes much more manageable. Having children engage in a daily activity that gives them a physical and mental workout is an incredible way to kick the summer off!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Young Ninja Camp participants may learn how to work together in a team for the first time, which is why it is essential that instructors leading Ninja Camp are experienced and encouraging to all students. Learning to work in teams and collaborate with others to overcome obstacles and challenges in a course are skills that carry into the lives of the young children who participate. Students work individually and together to solve problems and come up with solutions to meet the goal or get the prize in the obstacle course. Learning to find creative ways to overcome challenges is impactful!


Learning self-defense is one of the key components of martial arts training. Regardless of age, gender, beginner, or seasoned artist, self-defense is something everyone can improve at.

Ninja Camp offers fundamental self-defense skills as students learn different methods, including self-awareness, personal security, and situation awareness. All children love to learn ways to protect themselves, and this skill carries into other areas of life, including self-confidence.

Making Ninja Camp Safe and Fun

The physical components of Ninja Camp should be supervised by qualified and experienced instructors. SwiftKick Martial Arts takes pride in its dedicated team of instructors, many of whom have years of experience and have participated in Ninja Camps years and decades ago! This team of instructors remembers the impact of Ninja Camp and wants to share that with other future ninjas. Ninja Camp should be fun, exciting, and safe!

If you are still deciding what activities to sign up for this summer, check out SwiftKick’s Ninja Camp. This week is sure to fire up your child’s passion and may end up being something they enjoy enough to continue and ask to go back! When it comes to choosing a healthy and fun activity, you don’t have to fight your child over going to Ninja Camp, which is a sure bet this summer!

Contact SwiftKick today to find out Ninja Camp availability. The new Bressi Ranch location is convenient and welcoming to families and future ninjas!

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