Can Martial Arts Help Promote Weight Loss?

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Martial arts are a dynamic way to approach weight loss. Many who begin martial arts lose weight without that ever being a specific goal. However, due to its nature, martial arts do promote weight loss and healthier lifestyles for students and their families. Losing weight and getting in shape are two of the most common reasons anyone starts a new exercise regimen. Individuals seek to lose weight to feel better, look better, and, in many instances, to address some health concerns. Although there are countless options that promise to help someone achieve their weight loss goals, martial arts are a dynamic way to stay engaged, learn new skills, and lose weight in the process. Losing weight through martial arts training is almost like a by-product of getting stronger, increasing endurance and balance, and learning self-defense. Martial arts offer countless benefits and provide a unique approach to fitness and health.

Martial Arts Are Cardio Workouts

Contrary to what some may think – martial arts are a great cardiovascular workout! Martial arts provide an intense and purposeful workout that mixes strength training, core, cardio, and flexibility training to get the best full-body workout. Martial arts are unique in their balance of mind and body, so not only is it a great physical workout, but it can also help manage stress too!

On average, a martial arts workout can burn 500-800 calories in a training session. Of course, this is highly dependent on the effort and specific activities involved. A student’s effort will ultimately determine how rigorous a workout is, but even a minimal workout gets the heart rate up, burns calories, and strengthens the core.

Growing Muscle and Strengthening Core

The design of a well-structured martial arts program promotes muscle development. Kicks, balance, punches, and other movements engage many muscle groups and develop muscles. Unlike a weight training workout, martial arts students end up leaner than someone who bulks up from heavy weightlifting. If the goal is to lean down and build muscle, martial arts provide that and also boost metabolism, which enhances calorie burning after leaving the studio.

Faster Metabolism Promotes Calorie Burning

Everyone knows that to lose weight, a person must burn more calories than they intake during the day. Martial arts cardio training is well known to boost metabolism, and this carries beyond the initial training session. It will likely continue to burn calories even after class, which is called the “after-burn.” The body’s faster metabolism may stay elevated after the workout and continue to burn calories. Again, this is dependent on the student’s efforts in the studio.

Growing Awareness of What Goes in the Mouth

Martial arts programs that are well designed to bring out the best in students are well-rounded, and many students become more aware of what they are eating, drinking, and things in their lives that may be hindering their physical well-being. Eating habits can be easily formed and not so easily changed. However, martial arts students begin to apply the martial arts mindset in all areas of their lives, which often leads to healthier eating and lifestyle choices.

Martial Arts Trigger Joy and Encourage Consistency

When it comes to losing weight, it is undeniable that consistency is key, and when there is joy, there is consistency. If a student feels joy and energy during and after a martial arts training session, they are likely to return. One of the main reasons people do not meet their weight loss goals is because it takes commitment and consistency in choices. A primary factor that contributes to successful weight loss is consistency, and this is where martial arts can help. Martial arts training is unlike any other workout because it is fun, engaging, and encourages a healthier lifestyle. Working out with peers and invested instructors helps launch many successful weight loss journeys.

Joy in martial arts comes from learning new things, like self-defense, training with supportive peers, and feeling empowered. Connecting with a quality and encouraging dojo makes all the difference. The longer martial arts students stay connected, the greater the benefits they realize. Martial arts are unlike any other workout and indeed promote weight loss, among other positive lifestyle decisions. Students can individualize their workouts by how much effort they put in, and many people use martial arts to get intense cardio and strength training workouts. Everyone can customize their training experience because it is an individual sport, and students can set their own personal goals. If you want to lose weight, get fit, and learn self-defense, sign up for a free training today at SwiftKick Martial Arts. The new Bressi Ranch studio offers a professional environment, supportive staff, and experienced instructors. Whatever your fitness goals, SwiftKick can help you achieve them!

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