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SwiftKick Martial Arts San Diego is a Self Defense and Applied Martial Arts education program based in San Diego and Carlsbad. SwiftKick Martial Arts San Diego is not the typical martial arts gym or school. Our unique self defense classes focus on an approach that blends the best of mixed martial arts and combat self-defense to teach a highly functional and dynamic martial arts system. At SwiftKick Martial Arts we encourage our clients to become experts in practical fitness and self-defense. Our San Diego based martial arts program is also about integrating our martial arts training for increased success in business, education, and relationships.

Our Core Self Defense Programs

At SwiftKick we offer four core martial arts programs at our San Diego Martial Arts studio located in Rancho Bernardo and our Martial Arts Carlsbad studio.

  • For Children (3-5) we have our Explorer program
  • For older children (6-11) we have our PathFinder program
  • For Teens (12+) we have our Impact program
  • For Adults (21+) we have our Champion program.
Transforming Lives Through the Power of Applied Martial Arts
Each of these programs is designed to train students in Applied Martial Arts, a dynamic and integrated system focusing on functional martial arts, kickboxing, and self-defense. At SwiftKick, we value the martial arts to also be a life performance vehicle, something that can be applied to better yourself in all life pursuits.