Safe and Beneficial Spring Break Activities

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Spring break time for school-aged children is fast approaching. As traveling over spring break may be a thing of the past for some families, whether due to the expense or another reason, staycations have become the new way for children in school to spend time during the weeklong holiday. One way to keep children engaged and active over spring break is to have them do a one-day or weeklong martial arts camp. Martial arts programs may be part of your school’s after-care programs, or you may want to find a local studio with programs that fit your schedule. Martial arts training is a healthy alternative for children instead of just getting in some extra screen time. Martial arts are unique because they require focus, engagement, and practice, which is excellent for staying occupied between group sessions.

Safe Spaces for Spring Break

The most important thing for families is finding activities for their school-aged children where they know they will be safe. Getting involved in an engaging martial arts program is a fun way to learn something new, meet new friends, and stay active. As school-aged children are getting a much-needed break from the routine of a regular school day, it is also a great time to give them a break from the stress of school. Martial arts, by design, allow those in training to find healthy ways to process stress and overcome challenges. It is common for students to become more and more confident with continued martial arts training. Martial arts training is something that everyone can do, even students with disabilities. The best martial arts training programs are inclusive so all students can participate and succeed working with qualified and caring instructors. Studios like SwiftKick Martial Arts want every school-aged child to have the opportunity to become the best version of themselves through martial arts training.

A Spring Break from Social Media

Every year, social media seems to dictate the best way to spend spring breaks as a family. However, any break from school has the possibility of more time together and creating new and healthy habits for young people. Although the temptation may be to allow more time on devices over the break, finding activities for school-aged children that can benefit their minds and bodies is a way better investment of time and money!

Having your child or children participate in a reputable and top-rated martial arts program provides peace of mind because the skills they learn will be relevant and have value in life outside the training studio. High-quality martial arts programs, like those offered at SwiftKick, teach self-respect, honesty, integrity, compassion, and self-control. Martial arts training can empower children and teens and equip them to protect themselves mentally and physically in school and social settings. Learning situational awareness and self-defense skills can be an incredible asset for any school-aged child, even those in college! The fact is that spring break has the power to transform young people’s lives for the better!

Getting Involved in Something New for Spring Break

There is no better time than a nice break in the spring to start a new activity and get involved in something that has health benefits for the mind and body. In a high-quality martial arts training program, students learn their self-worth and set and achieve goals among peers and supportive instructors. Many students get involved because of word of mouth or wanting to learn some cool martial arts moves, but in the end, every child wins in martial arts training when they stick with it. Martial arts naturally grow confidence in school-aged children; they carry that confidence into academics and other leadership and volunteer opportunities. It is bold to say that martial arts form well-rounded people, but it is true.

When choosing a martial arts studio, check out the reviews to ensure you walk into a family-friendly environment where children and families feel welcomed and valued. Professionally trained and experienced instructors work with students from all backgrounds and abilities. Martial arts do not require a minimum physical requirement to start, and the nature of the activity is individual, which helps many school-aged children who may have felt left out in school or club sports. Allow children to be part of the decision-making process and encourage them when it becomes challenging after school resumes. The longer they stick with it, the more beneficial they will find martial arts training to be in their lives.

As we enter the busy time of spring breaks, if you plan a staycation this year, consider signing your child, or children, up for a free trial martial arts training class. If there is a camp for the week, that is an excellent opportunity to have them do it a few times before signing up for more regular training.

If you live in San Diego County and are looking for an incredible martial arts training program for all school-aged children, contact Swift Kick Martial Arts and come for a free trial class!

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