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Girls Can Do Anything Boys Can Do: What Martial Arts Can Do for Women and Girls

Martial arts are an incredible outlet for women and girls to stay fit, learn self-defense, and connect with other like-minded individuals. People quickly realize that martial arts training offers countless benefits. Girls, ages three and up, through teenhood and into young adulthood, become confident and strong female figures through excellent martial arts training programs that are designed well. Women can excel in any role, and martial arts builds life skills and the confidence to achieve things at home, in the community, and in the workplace. Although it is no surprise that more women train in martial arts than previously, the trend continues to grow as women show that they can do anything boys can do.

Martial Arts in Decision Making

There are always influences from our lives that impact our decision-making skills. If someone is raised without having to make many decisions on their own or was made fun of when they did, they are likely not the first to make a decision or have confidence in that decision. Some of the influences are how an individual was raised, relationships, and obstacles that life has placed in a person’s path. Martial arts allow women and girls to see how their decisions are relevant and valuable, leading to opportunities that may not have seemed possible previously. Through martial arts training, women realize they have more say in what happens in their lives and take the victim mentality out of the picture. Women and girls who learn to care for themselves, set goals, and achieve them are set up to experience success in the studio and in life. Making the best decisions for oneself is essential to achieving personal, professional, and spiritual goals.

Martial Arts is More Than Just Punching

Let’s face it: the kicking and punching part of martial arts is engaging! However, one thing unique to martial arts training is the mental engagement requirement before physical contact. Efficient use of the mind improves a person’s mindset and prepares women to navigate today’s complexity of life, seeking and finding balance. The continual engagement of the mental side of martial arts keeps minds sharp, leading to success in many areas of life.

When it comes toe to toe in a confrontation, most women are outweighed or outsized by men. Men and women are designed differently, giving most men an advantage over women in a fight. Martial arts levels the playing field because size is less of a factor due to the mind and body balance necessary to get out of dangerous situations and disarm an opponent when necessary. Martial arts equip girls and women with tools and options to get away or defend themselves, which increases the likelihood that an attacker will move on to an easier target.

Sparring Helps Women Experience Contact

Sparring is essentially play fighting, and it would surprise many people that women and girls are taken aback by this experience at first. However, as students train and are asked to participate in sparring, their instructors feel they are ready to engage in this activity, which is incredibly useful! Even when given the know-how and tools, understanding how the body will react during contact and training to respond is priceless. Sparring is an activity and opportunity offered at high-quality dojos, including San Diego’s favorite Martial Arts training studio, SwiftKick. Experienced instructors build students up through training, helping them develop skills by experiencing adrenaline and impact when struck. Sparring is closely supervised, and only students who show self-control in effort and force are asked to participate. Protective gear is also provided or required during sparring training.

Martial arts training evolves the mindset to face and overcome adversity and stay vigilant.

Learning to Say No

If you were to survey women, a majority would confess they have a hard time saying no to others. Women often find themselves over-committed and exhausted. Young girls don’t have to fall into this trap, and martial arts teach balance and the importance of boundaries. As women gain more confidence, they quickly realize that saying no occasionally means more time and energy for the things that matter. Additionally, girls and women learn the power of saying no in many scenarios, which allows them to prepare for situations that could potentially bring them harm through self-defense training. SwiftKick Martial Arts is dedicated to training and equipping women all over North San Diego County to be the best version of themselves.

Training in Martial Arts unleashes the strength and confidence in girls and women. Learning self-worth, self-respect, and increased confidence may change a person’s life trajectory. If you want to try a free class and see what martial arts training can do for you, contact SwiftKick today and sign up!

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