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Self-Defense is Equally Mental and Physical

Self-defense is as mental as it is physical, and that is why it is good news for anyone wanting to learn how to protect oneself! Anyone, and that is all-inclusive, can learn self-defense regardless of their size or physical ability. One thing that most people who have never trained in self-defense overlook is that well before any parts of the body are used to protect oneself physically. The mind is completely engaged and already making self-defense decisions. In self-defense, the mind kicks in first when threatened, and sound decision-making is as effective as a powerful kick or punch. It is widely thought that self-defense is using your physical body to fight an opponent, but the foundation of martial arts begins with training the mind and avoiding dangers to begin with, minimizing the possibility of running into a potentially dangerous situation.

Preparing for the Possibility Without Living in Fear

Living in a constant state of fear can be debilitating, and that is one of the main reasons people choose to train in self-defense. It is wise to prepare in case a situation arises where a person needs to defend themselves or someone they love. One of the first things you will learn in self-defense training is that it can happen to you, and it is much better to be prepared. Those who believe their physical prowess and size protect them from needing these skills are mistaken. Even those with incredible physical ability may pick up the physical techniques, but self-defense must begin with mindset and wise decision-making.

Being Aware of Surroundings and Pay Attention

In today’s world of devices providing everything a person needs at their fingertips, being distracted and not paying attention to one’s surroundings leave people more vulnerable than before. How people walk, how attentive they are to their surroundings, and how quickly they can react when something unexpected happens are all part of self-defense. Imagine a criminal watching for a victim and sees two people: one has their face in their phone, texting, and almost falls off a curb, and the other is walking with their head up, watching where they are going, looking at people and what’s going on. The more obvious choice for a criminal looking for an easy victim is the one distracted and unaware of their surroundings.

Awareness of surroundings, not putting oneself in a potentially dangerous situation, and avoiding confrontations that could turn, de-escalation, and getting away are all critical self-defense techniques. It is noticeable that none of those require the use of arms, legs, or require extensive physical training.

Paying attention strengthens a person from the inside, with a noticeable demeanor that actually makes someone less likely to be attacked.

Managing the Initial Shock of An Attack

Managing the shock of being attacked or finding oneself in danger can throw many people, and that is why training and preparation are so critical in self-defense. If someone in danger can’t calm down and shift their mindset, to be honest, it doesn’t matter how strong or trained they are. In the absence of training, people will freeze, and this state can make a situation even more dangerous. If the mind is prepared, the shock will pass, and an individual will have the ability to shift their thinking into self-defense. Martial arts can be incredibly beneficial in training your mind and body in self-defense.

Engaging the Mind Engages the Body in Self-Defense

Once a person experiences a threat or an attack and breaks out of the frozen moment (or avoids it altogether) that comes with the shock, this is when skills in breaking away and distracting an attacker with an injury come into play. A person with extensive physical training in self-defense who freezes too long to be able to use those skills is, in essence, defenseless. Martial arts train to engage the mind, and only when the mind is engaged are physical training and techniques useful in self-defense situations.

Studios like SwiftKick Martial Arts are dedicated to training all students in mind and body balance, which is foundational to martial arts training. Working with experienced professionals allows students to learn how to train their minds to respond to stimuli, and sparring activities give students a real-life experience to understand and work through initial moments of shock and fear. If you are interested in learning self-defense, you can read books on mind training as well as visit a local studio for a free training session. In today’s climate, everyone deserves to know the basics of how to protect themselves and those they love. So, when you ponder self-defense training, do not be misled to think that it will be useless due to your size or physical abilities – women’s self-defense and men’s all begin with the mind. Self-defense is equally mental and physical; the mind is a person’s first line of defense. The mind must engage well before the body can effectively react to danger.

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