Martial Arts Train Students in Staying Positive Through Mindfulness, Responsibility, and Discipline

Today, people seek ways to look at life and circumstances more positively. There are inspirational sayings on mugs, bumper stickers, and jewelry, and an individual’s faith may be a strong basis of their perspective on life. Each person will have a unique way of shifting thinking and seeing things more positively. However, the condition of the mind is critical, and martial arts training provides a solid foundation through positive psychology. Whether training the mind as a child or adult, martial arts can change mindsets to think more positively about things that may have been discouraging and even debilitating previously. Adopting healthy habits in training the mind through martial arts includes mindfulness, responsibility, discipline, and positivity.

Growing Mindfulness

Keeping an open mind and having a non-judgmental awareness of inner thoughts and feelings in the now. Instead of looking back or too far ahead, mindfulness is a keen awareness of the here and now. This positive mindset training in martial arts can lower stress, allow for more sound decision making, and foster better relationships. Mindfulness provides a greater sense of focus and mental clarity. When individuals are mindful of themselves and their surroundings, they experience deeper reflection because things are noticeable, and the mind is taking in new observations and expanding perspective. Martial arts training teaches students to use their breathing as an anchor for thoughts, which is why mindfulness is one of the key requirements for success in martial arts.

Being Responsible

Taking responsibility for one’s actions is foundational in martial arts training. Taking responsibility in relationships, business, and goal setting creates confidence and self-respect. Martial arts students experience positive growth when they accept their role in their circumstances and grow in awareness of their feelings, words, and actions when faced with conflict. As students grow in their martial arts journey, they have more control over responses and reactions when a situation has the potential to escalate. Students learn de-escalation, how to evade a confrontation, and how much force is appropriate to end a conflict if a physical altercation does occur.


Learning and practicing self-discipline is an asset that will serve any age martial arts student over their lifetime. Self-discipline benefits people in their personal and professional lives (for young students, in the academic setting). Discipline allows people to control emotions and take captive the thoughts that trigger reactions, desires, and emotions. Self-discipline means thinking before acting, regulating breathing to control responses, and staying focused even in tempting scenarios. Over time, training in martial arts fine tunes and hones techniques and skills that help students maintain self-discipline regardless of the circumstances.

Positivity Training

Doctors and therapists agree that a positive mindset can positively affect an individual’s physical health. The opposite is true, that when someone is depressed or unable to think positively about life, they may experience physical illnesses that are solely due to their mindset. A dedicated and professional martial arts studio like SwiftKick instills the necessity of staying positive and optimistic. As students learn to train their minds to remain optimistic, the result is better relationships with others, improved workplace environments, less depression and anxiety, and a healthier physical body.

A positive mindset is necessary to succeed in martial arts training and is a foundational principle that focuses on productive communication, resilience, and personal strengths. Every individual has their own strengths, and discovering and using those in life leads to a more positive outlook. Focusing on what one’s weaknesses are or what another’s strengths are will not lead to a positive mindset!

You may hear martial arts students talk about a flow or being in the zone during training. This flow is when students maximize their strengths and train in the best martial arts fit for them individually. Starting in a blended martial arts program may lead some students to specialize in one martial arts style. SwiftKick has a thoughtfully designed training program that incorporates multiple martial arts styles, all stemming from the martial artist’s mindset of positivity.

The martial arts instructors are vital to this training, and the studio in which you choose to train should have a cohesive vision for how to teach students to stay positive. It should be evident that students are able to see challenges as opportunities and more often see the cup half full rather than half empty. Celebrating students’ success as they reach their personal goals and achieve higher belts should be a core part of training. A healthy martial arts studio will be evident to students and visitors. If you want to improve your mindset, contact SwiftKick Martial Arts today for a free trial class. Classes are thoughtfully designed and held at convenient times for families with young students and working adults. Treat yourself or someone you love to a more positive mindset this holiday season.

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