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The Importance of Testing in Martial Arts

In all martial arts training, students will test as they progress. Testing is considered to be how instructors measure a student’s growth and determine their rank within the structure of the dojo – the most common is a stripe on their belt or achieving a darker belt once all necessary stripes have been earned. The process of moving up in rank takes time as students develop and display new skills and characteristics set by the studio. However, beyond moving up in rank, there are other benefits to testing, and self-development is a significant one.

Self-Improvement Through Martial Arts Training

Put simply, training in martial arts is about self-improvement. People choose martial arts typically to learn self-defense, boost their confidence, increase focus and self-control, or get a good workout. The initial reason people join a martial arts studio does not really matter because, through excellent instruction and training, every student becomes the best version of themselves in all these areas. Martial arts training organically guides students to give 100% in everything they do inside and outside the studio. Students in martial arts training learn new skills and develop their mind and body balance, which allows students to continue self-improvement throughout their martial arts journey. Studios like SwiftKick Martial Arts is the most reputable studio for partnering with students to help them be the best version of themselves.

Testing Expands Students Mental Capacity for Learning and Achieving

The mind is often the biggest hurdle when we try something new. New hobbies, new sports, and new information can be blocked when the brain feels overwhelmed or wants to give up instead of pushing through. However, if the mind is pushed and stretched to go beyond its limitations, the physical abilities also go beyond limits. Think about participants in a show like American Ninja Warrior. Many competitors share stories of overcoming their physical limitations by pushing their minds and body to go beyond limits. Testing serves a similar purpose in martial arts because testing pushes students to display their best effort in a new skill they have learned.

Growth Comes Through Hard Work

Testing in martial arts is the capstone of a student’s hard work and training, allowing students to measure their own success. Students will find some skills easier than others, and most new movements will feel awkward at first and become more natural over time. Students will fail, fall, and likely get frustrated as they are stretched mentally and physically. However, studios dedicated to helping students succeed and achieve their goals are worth their weight in gold. Brian, founder and owner of SwiftKick, has devoted his life and career to seeing children, teens, and adults transform through martial arts training and grow beyond their limits.

Testing Validates Student’s Training Efforts

Attending regular martial arts training will progress students along in their journey, even if they don’t realize it. As with anything in life, the more effort a student puts in, the greater the reward. However, students who simply attend the training will still grow and learn skills. Students should work with their instructor to set goals and then work towards their personal goals. Some students will want a black belt, and others may just want to learn how to use their self-defense skills in a sparring match. Students without dreams of a black belt may not feel as stressed if they do not progress as quickly. Training allows students to measure their progress, and it validates all their hard work to that point and may launch them to a new goal.

Training and Testing Among Peers

Students working in their peer groups may also shift goals as students want to meet the same goals as their friends. This is natural, and studios like SwiftKick understand the power of positive peer pressure and use it to help students stretch themselves. The instructors at SwiftKick never use peers to create unhealthy competition among students because martial arts are an individual journey. Training among peers helps students build confidence and pushes them to work harder in training. An encouraging peer group and role model instructors are incredibly positive things in any student’s life.

Testing in martial arts validates a student’s hard work in training. When testing, students are at their best, focused on their moves, breathing control, and effort. Students realize what they are capable of in testing because they will naturally push their limits in testing. Testing also reveals things a student wants to improve in.

Martial arts training is never “done” because there is always room to improve and grow, and the best studios will encourage students in their personal journey. If you are looking for a family-friendly studio in North County San Diego, SwiftKick Martial Arts has purposefully designed programs to help students achieve their goals through hard work, training, and testing!


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