SwiftKick Celebrates 15 Years!

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As we enter 2022, it is a perfect time to reflect on all that has been and the promise of all that is to come. As SwiftKick fondly celebrates 15 years of business, owner, and founder, Brian Cowell has nothing but gratitude and attributes the incredible success to all those who contributed.

It is an honor to be writing about the significance of this month to SwiftKick Martial Arts, San Diego. It was 15 years ago that founder, Brian Cowell, realized his dream of opening his own martial arts studio after a life of witnessing the life-changing influence martial arts had in his own life and the lives of many others.

Bringing his passion-filled dream to become a reality is something most 22-year-olds only hope for, but after earning his MBA from San Diego State University, Brian brought his vision to full fruition. Spending more than 15 of those 22 years of his life learning and mastering martial arts, Brian felt he had something unique to offer by designing programs for specific age groups and blending the best of mixed martial arts and self-defense to create Applied Martial Arts. His personal training in martial arts gives him unique insight into what students experience at different levels and effectively teaches how to overcome obstacles at each level. Brian also recognized the value of a relationship-focused program with both staff, instructors, and those in training. Brian’s passion for this style of studio environment confidently led to the opening of one studio and then a second.

If you have had the pleasure of meeting Brian, you instantly feel like he has been your friend for a while. You also identify with his humble spirit, which is one of the many attributes contributing to his continued success with SwiftKick. He constantly shows gratitude for the journey and the challenges along the way. Most importantly, he acknowledges his vision has been this successful due to the many people who have also been part of the journey.

Thankful to the Community

The community has been a significant part of SwiftKick’s success. As studios opened in both Rancho Bernardo and Carlsbad, the communities embraced Brian as he moved to establish his permanent locations. The community continued their loyalty and support as moves were necessary throughout the years. They always supported Brian by bringing new students by word of mouth and creating opportunities to bring Brian’s programs into after-school programs, ninja birthday parties, and other specialized programs. Brian recognizes without the support and encouragement from the community, SwiftKick’s journey could have looked very different.

As Brian shared, “It has been incredible to feel so immediately part of the communities where SwiftKick studios are located. I recognize the immeasurable impact this welcoming had on our success. I am so grateful to everyone who supported us along the way.”

Thankful to the Staff

The carefully selected and expertly trained instructors chosen for the SwiftKick audience have been instrumental in continuing classes and training throughout the pandemic. The dedication and commitment of the staff and instructors to upholding state safety mandates while continuing to offer training allowed SwiftKick to keep holding classes without skipping a beat.

Instructor staff at SwiftKick most often includes more than one student who has graduated through the program and become an instructor themselves. As students go through training, they often realize the lessons and skills they have learned can significantly benefit others. In turn, these students become teachers and are passionate about continuing the legacy Brian built. It is a testimony to the alignment of Brian’s business approach and his vision for SwiftKick, resulting in its incredible success thus far.

Thankful to the Students

SwiftKick Martial Arts offers a family-friendly and welcoming environment that is unmatched in San Diego County. Brian\’s vision incorporated a feeling of belonging and value to everyone who trains at SwiftKick, and so Brian thanks every student who has been part of the SwiftKick journey. As Brian said, “It is an essential part of the vision to positively impact every single student of SwiftKick, regardless of how long they are able to stay in the program.”

Many instructors are inspired by the promise they see in their students and are driven to become better. In this way, the students in training are also encouraging the continued growth of the instructors. The incredible group of students training at SwiftKick provides the atmosphere Brian thrived in growing up in the martial arts community. Not every martial arts studio offers this same environment, and this is an area SwiftKick offers something special for those interested in martial arts training.

Although SwiftKick was Brian’s vision fifteen years ago, the support of his family and friends allowed him to step out and open the doors to SwiftKick’s first training location. Since then, Brian continues to be amazed at the positive influence martial arts has on people’s lives.

The success of SwiftKick is a realization of Brian’s vision 15 years ago to positively impact the youth, empower younger generations, keep adults active and teach the core values that are the foundation of this ancient practice. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for SwiftKick Martial Arts, San Diego. We wish Brian, his team, and all the students continued success!

Happy 15th Anniversary, SwiftKick!

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