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Martial Arts Teach Valuable Skills in Self-Defense

You can count on more benefits in martial arts training than in any other sport, especially for children. The world seems to be growing more dangerous with violent acts, kidnappings, and human trafficking that the media says is on the rise. Every incident is tragic that we hear about, and that is growing the interest of families in signing up their children, no matter how small, for self-defense training. Family-friendly martial arts studios are an excellent outlet for children to get some fitness, build relationships among peers, become self-aware, and learn basic self-defense techniques.

Since children spend less time outside, they spend more time on their devices. This shift opens up unhealthy relationships formed online, which builds trust between children and other people online, which can lead to a dangerous situation. Protecting children from online predators is challenging, so teaching them to stay away and get away from dangerous situations ensures they have some basic skills if they are threatened.

Recognizing Dangerous Situations

Simply knowing your child would be able to use their voice to draw attention, break out of a hold, and maybe even do some damage to a predator is comforting. Of course, the hope is that none of these skills are ever necessary, but it builds the confidence in your child that they can protect themselves. One of the first things that is taught in high-quality self-defense programs for children is situational awareness. Many school-aged children have their heads in a book or a phone before and after school – this does not allow for situational awareness! Martial arts training teaches children to be self-aware, aware of others, and to stay away from areas or situations that have potential risks to their safety.

Stranger Danger

Children without martial arts self-defense training are only taught about the potential harms of stranger danger. Still, today, many children think people are their friends that may have less than admirable intentions. Children can engage in fun learning martial arts activities while getting the skills and techniques down to allow them to make the best decisions in a potentially harmful situation.

Stranger danger is an excellent thing to teach children, but martial arts take this to the next level. It trains children to identify strangers, avoid them, and how to get away if a stranger is trying to harm them. There is no better way to prepare your child than with tried-and-true martial arts self-defense training. Parents can find fun one-time events to attend or fun and engaging summer camps that include self-defense techniques in the design. SwiftKick Martial Arts hosts a Girl Power event that focuses on girls\’ strengths in self-defense and how to negate physical power by assessing the situation, staying calm, and using intentional techniques for different scenarios.


Unfortunately, bullying is a real thing that is happening to children in school (and online, by the way!). Children who are physically bullied or targeted often have no idea why. Martial arts studios that have programs designed for children will teach that bullying behavior is a weakness of the bully\’s behavior and not their fault. However, knowing basic self-defense techniques gives children confidence in standing their ground, staying calm, and dealing with each situation uniquely to protect themselves. The unique combination of mental and physical training in martial arts teaches children to focus, maintain balance, and exercise self-control. Students challenged with emotional outbursts learn to control their reactions to situations and better manage real-life scenarios at school, home, and in social situations.

Practical Ways Children Learn to Protect Themselves Through Martial Arts Training

Working with a family-friendly studio like SwiftKick Martial Arts ensures the programs and instructors are positive role models and guide children in the physical aspects of martial arts and the rich traditional characteristics. Studios that are best for children learning self-defense are not hyper-competitive studios that instead focus on training children to be stronger and more confident but never to attack or use what they know to harm someone unless they are in danger. The mixed martial arts approach of SwiftKick combines several forms of martial arts, allowing children to experience skills that involve a variety of possible scenarios, including being able to get away from someone larger than them.

Children in martial arts training experience increased self-esteem, endurance, better physical health, and how to defend themselves. Using martial arts in a fun learning environment allows students to work with peers in a safe format to learn self-defense and practice what they learn in a controlled environment. If you are considering martial arts training for your child in a self-defense format, contact SwiftKick and try a free class. Always ready to welcome new students, SwiftKick is unmatched in its child-appropriate training programs that are held at convenient times for students and parents in Carlsbad and Rancho Bernardo.

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