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Character Counts

Imagine a world where strong character captures the headlines and stories of humanity restored dominate social media. Focusing on building traits such as respect, humility, self-discipline, and persistence in the upcoming generation promises a better future.

Teaching and training the next generation to build and honor character will undoubtedly prove essential to a strong foundation that can withstand criticism, rejection, and uncertainty—finding a healthy outlet for young adults to get physical exercise while building self-confidence (not arrogance or elevated pride) is not as farfetched as you might think.

Martial Arts, for thousands of years, has been a tool for organically building character. Compared to other athletic activities, building character is not dependent on the coach\’s personality, focus, or experience. With Martial Arts training, establishing and increasing positive character traits is built into the core design and purpose.

Seasoned martial arts instructors nurture a harmonious blend of character building and physical activity, working to mature each student’s overall character. Holding students accountable and encouraging self-advocacy build capable and equipped young adults as they become contributing citizens in today’s culture. Self-reflection and goal setting is a natural part of a genuine Martial Arts training program. Overcoming challenges in training offers students practice in overcoming hurdles and unavoidable failures that happen in life. Successful progress in Martial Arts applies learned traits in all areas of life, including school, social situations, the workplace, within the community, and at home. Martial Arts training is designed to evolve students and prepare them for lifetime learning.

Different from other organized team sports and clubs, Martial Arts requires training to begin with the student. Building strong individual character while establishing and honoring respect allows those in training to experience collaboration with peers and instructors. Instead of winning is everything, winning is the natural result of strong character and hard work, persisting without ceasing. Martial Arts does not teach competition over character, and these do not have to exist apart from each other. Anyone with a Martial Arts background will tell you the training goes beyond physical ability in kicking or punching or dodging and weaving. Martial Arts requires hard work, integrity, commitment, and discipline.

Martial Arts & Building Character

Patience is a large part of character building. Classes and rank achievements are designed to reward patience as students must master repetition in a technique. Not all students that start the program at the same time will advance equally. This process, although some younger students do not embrace it initially, builds character through humility. It is not a one-and-done environment. Students learn traits that will be relevant for their entire lifetime. Advancement only comes through hard work and practice.

Sparring and tournaments are a swift reminder that Martial Arts is a foundational program, and there are many more experienced and seasoned in the art. This realization teaches there is always room for improvement, and students must persist to achieve their personal goals to improve training and skill.

SwiftKick’s commitment to its members is clear as older students are asked to work with younger classes. It is a great and successful peer approach to learning and leading!

Building respect, humility, self-discipline, and persistence in a young person’s character is part of traditional Martial Arts training. The growth of these positive traits naturally addresses issues of misbehavior. Many families witness maturity and well-roundedness resulting throughout training. Additionally, cooperation with those in authority and peers are both substantially increased through Martial Arts training.

Persisting through rank in traditional Martial Arts training reveals the individual spirit to push forward and succeed. Learning, mastering, and performing techniques through continual practice builds confidence and a drive to master skills. Confidence is naturally developed as physical strength and methods are refined. Even if a student never uses their Martial Arts training outside of the dojo, it is empowering to know how to defend oneself.

It\’s Never Too Late

Character development begins at a very young age, but it is never too late to enroll young adults in a reputable training program. SwiftKick of San Diego has experience with all levels and ages of students. Choosing this healthy activity with the added benefit of goal setting, accountability, and character-building can be a significant turning point for young adults.

Brian, the owner and founder of SwiftKick Martial Arts of San Diego, began as a student of Martial Arts training and is now a strong advocate of the many benefits it offers. Intentionally designed programs focus on strengthening the mind and body through passing skillset milestones directly tied to character development. Investment in the whole person yields results most never realized were attainable.

Character counts more than ever as we raise up the next generation. Martial Arts training offers a balanced physical and mental option for those seeking to unleash the potential for greatness.

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