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Making A Martial Arts Comeback

Did you know that building muscles require the tearing and healing of muscle tissue? Micro tears and the process of healing create and build stronger muscles! No wonder muscles can be tender after an intense workout. Part of being physically active is the reality that injury can occur. The beauty of this is that our bodies are designed to heal and recover, even if we have been away from it for a while.

Whether summer got you relaxing and kicking your feet up, work demands more time and long hours, you are recovering from injury or illness, or you simply took a break from working out, it doesn’t matter. What matters is making a comeback and getting back to it! Numerous studies show it is easier to fall out of a routine than start one, so we understand it martcan be challenging to take the first steps. However, getting back to a routine of physical exercise is essential to staying healthy and is key to healing from injuries (once cleared to do so by medical professionals). The mistake some make is thinking they must start all over if they have been out of the flow of a regular exercise schedule for any length of time. The good news is – that is simply not true!

Your muscles have an incredible memory, and it is often underestimated how much they recall once gently reminded with thoughtful and intentional exercises!

Starting with a plan and easing in allows your body to remember its abilities and motions. The sooner you return, the sooner you will see just how amazing your body is, and you will be back to your regular routine and weights quickly!

Martial Arts & Goals

If you look at any successful business, over time, goals have moved from smaller to bigger. If long-term goals are set too far ahead, sometimes the vision is lost, and instead of being encouraged on the journey, discouragement can take over and defeat the purpose of why those goals were set in the first place.  This also applies to working out! Start with small, achievable, and measurable goals. In doing so, success is inevitable, and severe or repeat injuries can be avoided.

As you progress through your Martial Arts workout goals, be sure to set new goals that stretch you but do not put you at risk.

Whether your Martial Arts goals are to earn your next rank, be more flexible, become better at a sport, or lose weight, all are attainable with clear goals and the support of your peers and instructors!

Martial Arts & Your Health

Although you might be fired up to get back to a rigorous Martial Arts workout, we recommend shorter and less intense workouts to start. The health benefits are significantly lower if you rush in before your body is back to full capacity after a break or an injury. Gaining flexibility and strength takes some time to get back, and small amounts of exercise have big benefits! Please make sure you work with experienced and reputable professionals who have likely worked with many in similar situations. Be honest with your instructor and ask them to help you design goals that make sense for your life.

Give yourself some time, do it right, and you will see results faster than imagined!

Options For Starting Back Up

If you are returning from a long break from regular exercise, Martial Arts is an incredible way to get active while building strength, self-confidence, and self-defense skills! Actively participating in a reputable dojo, like SwiftKick San Diego, experienced instructors along with the owner Brian understand the necessity of easing back into a routine, or maybe even starting one after years of being inactive. Working out with others yields better and more sustainable results in sticking to it.

Take a free Martial Arts class and see the many benefits this activity can provide in your life!

During gym lockdowns across San Diego, the at-home workouts were all the rage. Although there was a considerable effort to stay active, it was also an excuse to take time off (I am raising my hand). I mean, what better reason not to go work out than the gym is closed? Well, that excuse is no longer valid. Please, make no mistake, breaks are not bad, in and of themselves. No matter why you find yourself away from a regular exercise routine, embrace your peaked curiosity and know that rest and distance can fire up a new passion for working out.

It is never too late to get back to physical exercise, so make a comeback today!


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