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Three Incredible Health Boosts From Martial Arts

After more than a year in lockdown and small-business closures across San Diego, many adults are finally finding a reason to get out and get active! Starting a new routine or returning after a long break can be challenging. Local businesses that survived the last year are gearing back up, and SwiftKick Martial Arts, San Diego, has gone to extreme lengths to ensure safety and encourage a return to a physical routine. Adults all over North County are re-discovering the great triad of health benefits through Martial Arts training.

Boosting one’s health as an adult can be daunting, but traditional Martial Arts is something anyone can do at any age. Martial Arts Programs, such as the ones offered at SwiftKick, are designed for sustainability. Experienced instructors modify workouts to ensure injuries are avoided, and a clear path to success is established. The owner and founder, Brian, finds that adults feel relief from stress by participating in his programs while building physical strength. Although the benefits of Martial Arts training are countless, these three areas yield astonishing progress.

1. Focus and Mental Wellness

Adults experience stress in the workplace, at home, in relationships, and now with such political divisiveness, stress can come from many sources. Studies show the direct benefit of improved mental health through physical exercise. Physical activity activates positive brain chemistry, resulting in a greater sense of relaxation, reduced stress, and increased focus. Several adults in Martial Arts training experience better sleep patterns, and everyone benefits from a good night’s rest!

The routine and practice of skills sharpen the mind and improves focus. Setting personal goals keeps one focused on achieving those goals and developing new ones as milestones are reached. Training and accountability among peers form honest relationships. Adults often feel connecting with others later in life is too much work. Martial Arts training places like-minded adults together, and everyone becomes a family that wants you to succeed. Exercise regularly boosts self-confidence and improves mental health. Getting out and training in a safe space allows adults to break free from isolation, energizing the mind in multiple ways.

2. Let’s Get Physical

Every doctor visit includes the usual question – how often do you exercise? Well, whatever your answer is, using Martial Arts training as your primary exercise or supplemental to an existing routine is beneficial to your health!

Not everyone over thirty-five can attend a step aerobics class or join a YMCA team sport. Some adults are better off with a physical activity that starts where you are and builds at your own pace. Martial Arts is an effective way to incorporate physical activity into your life without doing an ice bath after each session. SwiftKick Martial Arts in San Diego serves surrounding communities and helps adults successfully progress through the program. Many who first come to SwiftKick have not tried any training or have been out of it for a while. Brian and his team work to modify skills training so beginners get what they need and those with more training are challenged.

Regardless of why you consider a traditional Martial Arts program, this is an excellent place to start.

3. Mobility and Flexibility

When was the last time you touched your toes? If it has been a while, or you are doing it right now, chances are your body could benefit from some increased flexibility! Working from the core and using inner strength, Martial Arts training is not a “cardio heavy” workout, but it undoubtedly gets your heart going and builds endurance.

Staying stationary for extended periods can have adverse long-term health effects. Today, SwiftKick encourages you to put aside excuses and try a free class. Everyone is welcomed, included, and encouraged. Brian and his experienced team of instructors, all trained in traditional Martial Arts, meet each adult right where they are, continuing the journey to whatever personal goals set. A successful program involves providing guidance and insight throughout training. SwiftKick can be the first step to increased mobility and flexibility.

Although adults know it is best to get going when stiff or sore, most choose not to do so. In Martial Arts, programs include breathing techniques, effective stretching, and fantastic skills training.

The way the programs at SwiftKick are designed for adults has changed lives. Injury recovery, weight loss, self-defense, or discovering a new passion are some of the many reasons adults end up at the dojo. Supporting a local and reputable dojo builds community and relationships with other like-minded adults.

So, how does it work, you ask? Well, sign up for, and attend a free training session. You might unlock focus, strength, and endurance you never knew you had. Brian and his team are gifted instructors with compassion, encouragement, and knowledge that surpasses the personal attention offered at any other facility. Building individuals up in confidence, accountability and better physical condition is what you can expect.

Walking through adulthood has its challenges, and incorporating physical exercise into your life will have more than just three benefits!

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