Empowered to Protect and Defend Using Self-Defense

Self Defense Training San Diego

Feeling safe and able to care for oneself is a basic need according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The ability to successfully handle everything from physical and mental health to financial security puts one’s mind at ease.

What could make you feel safer than knowing you can protect and defend yourself or loved ones in a harmful or dangerous situation? Self-defense classes offers many benefits – the most popular is being prepared and able to defend and protect if in harm’s way. This branch of Martial Arts training is not only good for the mind, but it is also good for the body and is a balanced workout.

Although most people see physical fitness as crushing it on a treadmill, self-defense training is an exercise routine that builds muscle strength, balance, focus, improves reflexes, and teaches breathing techniques. Being equipped to protect oneself and effectively handle confrontations boosts confidence allowing more enjoyment in daily life and reduced fear. The news and social media are very good at making sure everyone knows everything that is going on. The downside of that is fear can creep in and even debilitate some from going out at all.

SwiftKick Martial Arts, San Diego, is an established and reputable dojo specializing in self-defense courses for all ages. Brian, founder, owner, and instructor brings years of experience successfully leading people through self-defense and has seen it change lives. No longer only for young adults, children, or women, self-defense is an opportunity for anyone to have peace of mind.

Self Defense – A Confidence Booster

Taking self-defense classes at SwiftKick builds confidence after the first session (which is free)! Most walk in without knowing their natural skill level or abilities but quickly realize they can take ownership of the process, set goals, and begin to learn how to protect themselves and those they love from harm. News and social media are the biggest culprits when it comes to instilling fear into people. Anxiety may also stem from previous experiences where the lack of self-defense training led to unfortunate circumstances. If feeling vulnerable sounds familiar, self-defense is an excellent way to build confidence and the skills to back it up if the need arises.

Balance and Focus

Improving balance or focus, self-defense teaches how to focus while controlling body movement. Balance is necessary, so the emotional charge of a fight or flight response is used effectively. Practice and understanding how to process emotional rushes allow the body to maintain balance and focus in these moments. As skills become natural, the mind is free to become more aware of its surroundings. This awareness means fewer surprises and consciousness, and avoidance of suspicious activity or higher risk areas.

Self Defense Classes Develop Self-Discipline

Most classes are weekly. Attending and participating includes not only skills training but sparring opportunities. Sparring organically builds self-respect and the respect of others. Sparring requires extreme trust, and having mutual respect is the only way to accomplish this. Goal setting and accountability encourage those in training to use self-discipline to reach milestones.

Physical Conditioning

Although self-defense is designed to help in a harmful or dangerous situation, physical exercise gets your heart rate up and builds endurance. Additionally, constructive training develops breathing skills critical during an adrenalin rush, typical during a confrontation. Self-defense teaches how to stay calm and balanced so you can handle the sudden up and down of adrenaline in the body. Self-defense involves not only physical ability but mental focus and stability.

Self Defense for Survival

Effective self-defense is not a one-and-done training opportunity. The ability to defend and protect oneself is an incredible tool for anyone. Self-defense trains more awareness of surroundings, allowing avoidance of potentially harmful situations, and applies training at any stage of a dangerous scenario. The high experience level of SwiftKick instructors includes how to use movement and skills without giving up and always having a survival mentality at any point in an attack. Staying on the move can be a considerable advantage in a fight, and practical self-defense includes developing reflexes to fight back or escape.

Brian and his team of instructors at SwiftKick understand the essential connection of physical and mental training to best prepare those self-defense training.

Whether the struggle is with confidence, feeling vulnerable, needing self-discipline or focus, an excellent self-defense training program will meet and exceed goals. A traditional Martial Arts approach to self-defense incorporates all these elements. Working through the program is empowering, not just in the strength of skill but in developing the whole person.

There is an ease that comes knowing you could defend and protect yourself, even if the skills are never needed.

As local businesses work to come out from the mire of COVID-19, supporting a local dojo in San Diego will build up personal skills and the community. Self-defense can help anyone. Not everyone is comfortable, trained, or willing to bear arms, but self-defense is a weapon that is always at hand and can’t be taken away or used against you. Call today to sign up for a free trial class and start the journey to a stronger, more confident you!

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