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Redirecting Behavioral Concerns through Martial Arts

All parents can relate on some level. A child’s behavior can be frustrating at times, and we struggle to figure out the best way to address negative behavior when our child is defiant, disrespectful, or impulsive. Providing children an outlet to vent their emotions can make a significant impact on their development and behavior.

Get Physical

At every doctor appointment, the advice is to get more physical exercise. Of course, there are benefits to an increase in physical activity. Especially for children, team sports and athletics can be an incredible opportunity for learning how to work in a team while getting fit. Let’s take it a step further. If you can offer your child, who is showing behavioral issues, a way to get physical exercise with the additional benefit of improved mental health, would it not be worth a shot?

Physical exercise is a tried-and-true solution to many ailments, and often, some unwelcome behaviors can be mitigated using a consistent routine that builds with effort. Martial Arts provides focus and clear direction, setting short-term and long-term goals. As belts are achieved, and stripes are earned, children respond to the accountability of their behavior inside and outside of the dojo.

Many families have witnessed the benefits of continuous Martial Arts training, and not only in behavior. Parents and caregivers often mention higher grades, greater focus, more exhibited self-control, and decreased aggressive behavior. You read it correctly – against what some say about Martial Arts increasing aggressive behavior – a study shows an inverse relationship between Martial Arts training levels and aggressive behavior!

SwiftKick of San Diego follows traditional Martial Arts training, improving physical, mental, and emotional health. You do not have to look far to find a family that experienced success with their children through Martial Arts, seeing improvements in social interactions, self-control, classroom behavior, and even higher cognitive ability. Thoughtful and purposeful instructors will work collaboratively to help the child succeed.

They are teaching perseverance and working through challenges and failures to succeed. It has been found that excess energy many children have can show up in behavioral issues but can also be redirected through a routine. An experienced Martial Arts studio will staff a reputable team of mentors, critical to building respectful relationships. Seasoned instructors will set short attainable goals, creating a bigger plan that takes time and effort. Do not make exceptions, and do not quit. Once they accomplish those goals, children are transformed.

Incredible martial arts instructors inspire while engaging and commanding respect.

Responding to Bullying

Sadly, bullying is a real problem in today’s schools. Parents and educational administrators are at a loss to prevent this from happening, and it will likely never be resolved entirely. Martial Arts can prepare our children to respond to these threats and situations using self-control and peaceful conflict resolution. SwiftKick focuses on equipping children to do just that. Non-violent problem solving should always be the go-to for children when facing bullying.

Finding a fit for your child at a dojo is not as hard as you think. Many martial art studios offer a free class to introduce your child to the instructor and concept. The winning combination of positive role models and discipline develops character. Martial Arts is an incentive for good behavior and choices.

Often, behavior issues stem from other issues. It can be from disabilities, family, or school stress to sudden changes in home life. Children do not have executive cognitive skills until they are in their twenties, so the processing comes out in their behaviors. Consider this when choosing discipline for your child. Clear and concise expectations can be a stabilizer for children with instability in their lives. Through a successful and thoughtful Martial Arts program in San Diego, strength and character-building can equip your child to handle situations at home and anywhere outside of the dojo. Children are empowered and often feel more in control of their situation.

Building Friendships

Being involved in a Martial Arts program in San Diego can provide children a place to feel they belong and prevent children from feeling isolated and depressed. Having a positive self-image can be achieved through continuous training and meeting set goals. Additionally, children build relationships with the instructors and other students in their peer group. Martial Arts gives students identity outside the dojo and can be a firm foundation for confidently pursuing other interests.

A true sign of a successful program and dojo is previous students inspired to come back and be a part of the programs. SwiftKick continually raises graduated students who have been impacted by their own experience completing the program. Some previously \”troubled\” children often find they champion others struggling with similar behaviors and experiencing bullying. Compassion and purpose are organic results from quality Martial Arts training.

Martial Arts is an incredible tool every parent should consider when seeking solutions to help redirect behavior issues in children. Not only will you see your child transform, but you will also find you are investing in building character and perseverance for a lifetime.



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