8 Ways Martial Arts will Improve Your Adult Life

8 Ways Martial Arts will Improve Your Adult Life

We all  love watching the child we care for take martial arts class, not only because they’re having a blast but because we know it’s good for them (it’s like asking our little ones to eat veggies only way more fun!).  Often, we don’t think about how martial arts can impact our adult lives. Here are 8 ways martial arts can completely transform your life!


  1. Martial Arts will improve the balance between work and home, which will result in harmony.  

Training in martial arts is an incredibly fun and effective way to get in great shape, relieve stress, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Researchers have found that employees who engage in regular exercise are better equipped to balance work and home life in more responsible and healthy ways.  Consistent exercise empowered the participants to communicate more effectively and manage conflict with greater confidence in both work and home.


  1.  You’ll kill that work presentation you have.

There is nothing better than the feeling of success! When you engage in a high intensity work out, the body produces a brain chemical called Norepinephrine.  This chemical makes the mind more alert, focused, and helps boost memory retention; things we all need to move forward in our careers. So the secret to impressing your boss?  Hit a few pads before going in!


  1.  When your kids want to play tag, you’ll be able to and still have energy left over.

Sometimes the responsibility of a parent is to get a little sweaty and messy with your kids!  Exercise, like boxing, works your cardiovascular health and improves the body\’s overall, daily endurance. This means that you’ll have way more energy throughout your entire day without even having a cup of coffee.  All you have to do is show up to class! Chances are after a few rounds of tag, you’ll wear your kids out and you’ll be able to enjoy that quiet time.


  1. Hitting something is a great stress release.

Does this one need an explanation?  Hitting a pad is so enjoyable and seems to make those little (or big) things you’re worried about dissipate.


  1. You’ll complete your To-Do List Everyday

Most of our lists are twenty points long and we want to get through all twenty things.  Engaging in exercise, like kickboxing, releases the chemical Dopamine. Dopamine makes us feel motivated so we can get all those things on our to-do list done, (and maybe do a few extra things before the day ends). We know there is a direct link between engaging in high intensity movement, completing goals, being and feeling productive. Forty -five minutes can feel like a lot to take out of your day if you have things to do, but you’ll get so much more done the rest of the day if you get moving!


  1.  You’ll feel empowered.

In our Martial Arts classes you not only get a cardiovascular workout, you improve your flexibility, learn new skills that allows you to advocate for your own safety and improve core, arm and leg strength.  Who wouldn’t feel strong and powerful after that?


  1.   No more tossing and turning in bed at night.

Who actually enjoys just laying waiting for sleep to come?  Exercise is a natural management tool for anxiety or depression (of varying degrees).  Consistently engaging in full body exercises is a proven method to help combat insomnia and will allow for sleep to come easily at the end of the day.  Our bodies need to be used to want to rest. Working both your body and mind throughout the day is a key ingredient to getting a good night’s rest.


  1. It’s Fun!

Even though we’re adults and have adult responsibilities, it doesn’t mean we don’t like to have fun!  Why wait for the weekend to enjoy your day? Schedule forty -five minutes of fun into your day or a few times a week.  Want more information on our adult classes?

Check out our website to learn more about our Champion program or take a look at our schedule below.



  • Morning Classes: Tuesday and Thursday @ 9:00 am
  • Evening Classes: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday @ 7:00 pm


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  • Morning Classes: Saturday @ 9:00 am
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