What’s Trending? Top Six Martial Arts Trends in 2022

The year 2022 seems to be moving quickly. Many popular sources that provide trending predictions may have missed the opportunity to mention martial arts trends for the upcoming year. Martial arts in itself is growing in popularity, so it is worth noting the most popular trends we are seeing so far in 2022.

Cross-Fit Elevates Martial Arts Skills

Martial arts are an excellent source of fitness training. Developing muscles and increasing focus and balance have many mental and physical benefits. Long-term martial artists find other ways to enhance their martial arts training outside the dojo. Cross-fit has been incredibly effective and is popping up everywhere. Increasing strength training and cardio increase endurance and flexibility that naturally enhances martial arts training. Keep in mind that when working to take martial arts training to the next level through an outside activity, be aware of potential injuries.

Self-Defense Training

Self-defense courses have seen a significant uptick that began last year. The ability to protect oneself continues to grow in popularity. Some argue the increased interest is based on the uncertainty of the news as people turn on their television, radios, or open their phones. If the need ever arises, people want to be able to protect themselves and their families. The added benefit many realize through self-defense training is improved fitness and endurance. Improved fitness levels lead to more confidence. Many who begin in self-defense find it is something they want to incorporate into their lives long term. Martial arts studios have seen increased enrollment in self-defense classes, even more so in 2022!

Training with Lightsabers

Americans boldly embrace their cosplay culture as it becomes a popular trend, offering more conferences and opportunities than ever before. Although ninja-style training is always a frequent request of martial arts students, specifically training to be able to wield a lightsaber is growing in popularity. Although starting a few years ago, the trend is being requested exponentially more in 2022. The continual interest has resulted in martial arts studios with the capability and staff to incorporate “lightsaber” moves into their programs. Lightsaber training combines fencing moves, kendo, and bo staff training. Although cosplay or lightsaber training might not naturally fit in martial arts training, you will likely see some familiar big screen moves the next time you observe a class.

There’s An App for That

Some great martial arts apps are available for devices that provide workouts, step-by-step technique training, and fantastic martial arts merchandise and supplies. Throughout COVID-19, our nation figured out how to pretty much do anything remotely, and this is no exception. However, even though apps, in general, are trending in 2022, there is no replacement for in-person training, especially in martial arts. Martial arts apps are a great alternative when attending in-person is not viable, but working out with your peers, having masters at the ready, and personal guidance to perfect your techniques can’t be done with an app.

Adult Karate for Beginners

Another trend so far in 2022 is the increased enrollment of adults trying martial arts for the first time. Karate is showing a significant increase in attendance. Although many people think learning karate is done as a child or young adult, many between the ages of 30 and 50 are taking off their shoes, putting on a gi, and getting on to the mat for the first time. Beginning karate classes offer adults a great workout, an opportunity to form new friendships, and have self-care time. Even if people have never done karate before, a professional martial arts studio, like SwiftKick in San Diego, always makes people feel welcome no matter where they are in their journey. In 2022, join the trend, and find a healthy habit by joining a friendly, encouraging, and supportive fitness program!

Mixed Martial Arts Fitness

Although not a new trend, there is an increase in martial arts studios incorporating mixed martial arts (MMA) into their programs this year. The overall fitness industry is eager to blend training, which yields results that have become quite popular, like cardio kickboxing. Martial arts studios also benefit from blending styles because many people who train in martial arts want to learn hand-to-hand combat skills. To provide this type of training, mixed martial arts classes will include techniques in grappling and striking, among other combat style moves. Not everyone on the mat wants to spar with a partner, so reputable and established studios can accommodate all their clients by offering many different classes. Finding a studio that can provide a free trial will help determine the best fit for you in martial arts training.

Regardless of what ultimately becomes the most popular trend in martial arts for 2022, these six will top the list. Overall, people want to incorporate self-care and health into their lives. Martial arts studios are delighted with the increased interest because martial arts blend mental and physical training. This blend of approaches has helped innumerable people realize the best version of themselves, and that is trending!


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