Three Core Training Aspects


Our chief aim at SwiftKick is to leverage martial arts as a vehicle to truly impact and transform lives! We strive to assist each member and student so they may truly experience every positive benefit associated with training in the martial arts.

Our training encompasses three core areas:


1)  Functional Martial Arts Training.


In today\’s world, it is a necessity to have the confidence and skills to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm. Our training teaches skills that actually WORK in a self-preservation situation! Such situations may include various forms of personal assault, defending your home if it were breeched, defending your family, physical and social bullying, stranger-danger, and harrassment with people in general (physically, psychologically, or with social boundaries).


The martial arts we employ is specifically designed to be effective in the real world, allowing the practictioner to have the assurance that they could protect themselves if necessary.


If you have had a situation that falls into any of these categories or need advice please contact me or our team so we can help.


2)  Functional Fitness.


We all know the immense benefits of working out and the growing problem of obesity and obesity related illnesses. With limited time, many people find it difficult to find an effective workout program that works with their schedule. Others simply have a hard time keeping up with dull exercise routines. Our training truly teaches the development of effective life long fitness habits in a dynamic and fun way! Physical fitness is critical for developing a healthy body and mind and to avoid the repercussions from not exercising (which includes social, physical, and financial hardship)!  Martial arts is also very stimulating for the mind as it never employs a stationary workout, but constantly changing and challenging scenarios.


Martial arts is also a great form of healthy rehabilitation if you are coming off an injury and looking to get back into shape.  Most people would not consider a contact sport like this to be a healthy way to rehabilitate, but we actually train in a safe environment which minimizes stress while maintaining contact that increases bone density and joint strength, and well, makes you tougher!  The cardiovascular workouts are very beneficial to rehabilitation as well.


If you\’re working to develop a better \”You\” with increased energy and focus, less weight, more strength, and an overall better feeling, please let me know. As both a martial artist and personal trainer I can help develop a personal plan to get you results.


3)  Life Performance.


A central aspect of martial arts is learning to exhibit our tenets on a day to day basis: Courtesy, Attentiveness, Self-Control, Perseverance, Honor, Courage, Initiative, and Creativity. Classmates, Co-Workers, Friends, Family, and other social circles should notice an increase in productivity, performance, patience, problem-solving, personal responsibility, and care for others among those who train in martial arts. Training in martial arts as a life performance vehicle leverages these disciplines in such a way as to improve who you are as a person and the way you relate to those around you!


For this reason, earning a Black Belt at SwiftKick is actually achieving a lifestyle change!


In the workforce today, many employers are identifying that the ability to start and finish both long-term and short-term goals is a huge indicator of performance and thus something that separates candidates for job positions. Accomplishing a Black Belt in Martial Arts is one of those goals that employers find particularly attractive. It says something about the character of a person: commitment, tenacity, work ethic, responsibility, and discipline (many things which are completely lacking in todays workforce).

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