Self-Defense Using Martial Arts v. Firearms

Guns are a hot topic right now, especially in California. The Second Amendment right of the United States Constitution states that American Citizens can bear arms. Having the ability to defend oneself and one\’s property are incredible privileges we have in this country. However, the times the media covers guns are not in a favorable light. The Second Amendment draws lots of attention due to the vehemently opposing sides of this issue that divides our nation. Whichever side of the argument you are on, we look at the benefits of martial arts and firearms in self-defense.

According to statistics, there is a surge of interest from women to yield weapons, specifically firearms. Trainers are seeing it, gun shops are seeing it, and shooting ranges are seeing it. Women want to feel safe, and many are learning to use guns as an added level of protection properly. Can martial arts training compare and provide safety at the same level as yielding a firearm in a threatening situation? As each self-defense approach has benefits, it is honestly a personal choice.

Self-Defense Using Martial Arts

The purpose of any self-defense training is to be able to protect oneself and loved ones if a threat arises. It is scary to be up close to anyone approaching who is angry and distressed, significantly outweighs you, or is threatening. Therefore sparring practice is essential in martial arts. Learning to be in situations where force is required and what it feels like to struggle with an opponent is critical to successful self-defense training. You can\’t have a black belt the instant you decide to get self-defense training. Each lesson builds skill and rote memory, which serves well in a real-life situation where self-defense would be needed. Martial arts do require closer proximity than a firearm.

One of the most critical parts of self-defense is to be ready, and there is no guarantee you will have a firearm at your side every time it is needed. Martial arts training is always with you because it is you! Even minimal training can allow enough time to get away and ward off someone trying to harm you. Self-defense has many techniques, including using specific words vocally, that effectively foil the plans of someone with ill intentions.

Another considerable advantage of martial arts in self-defense training is that anyone, at any age, can protect themselves. Small children, even as young as three years old, can begin training in self-defense. Studios like SwiftKick Martial Arts is a family-friendly dojo that has classes for all ages, starting with the Explorers (ages 3-5) and adult, senior, and self-defense specifically.

Some may not be comfortable, be old enough, or want to have a firearm but want to feel safe knowing they can provide protection. Martial arts training is an excellent way always to be prepared and have the skills to defend oneself and loved ones. The benefits of martial arts are you are never NOT prepared. Also, no state can take away or limit the skills and training in martial arts.

Martial arts self-defense training is simple, and skills development is directly related to dedication and commitment. Even after one self-defense class, a person is better prepared if there were to be a threat or attack. Getting away and to safety is the goal in martial arts defense. Another difference between martial arts and firearms in self-defense is that a misstep in martial arts will not likely end someone’s life. In firearms, if someone has not done the required training, misusing it can cost a life.

Self-Defense Using Firearms

Those with experience and comfort in using firearms naturally choose to exercise the Second Amendment because this self-defense is also very effective. Guns offer self-defense at much greater distances, avoiding face-to-face combat and risking not being able to overpower the attacker. Often, even showing the presence of a firearm will be a strong deterrent for most with ill intentions. Even if someone plans to harm, they typically do not want to be shot.

Bearing arms is a right of Americans. Many understand the responsibility with this privilege and take the measures to buy legal guns, register, and do what is required in training and practice to use the firearm safely. It is a constitutional right, and although most people approach firearm ownership as a serious self-defense tool, guns owners struggle for their rights because only the stories of misuse make the news.

Many gun owners prefer firearms because of the long-range abilities and how effective it is for self-defense and protecting property. During the pandemic, as police and other law enforcement were de-funded, people took up arms to keep rioters and looters away.

Regardless of whether you feel passionate about firearms or martial arts as a better self-defense approach, both have their benefits. It is crucial to be able to protect oneself and get away from dangerous situations. If you are in the San Diego area and believe there is value in learning martial arts self-defense, contact SwiftKick Martial Arts for a free class – you will not regret it.

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