Summer Activities Keep Students Active and Engaged – Off-Screen

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The last few weeks before summer vacation can seem long, can\’t they? School-aged children in elementary and middle school are ready for a break from the routine, and those in high school are feeling the stress of finals and exams. Even if your child has not been in an activity during the school year, don’t let the entire summer go by with them just vegging out in front of a screen. There are numerous opportunities to get some exercise this summer and learn a new skill. Martial arts training is an excellent indoor summer solution with limitless practice opportunities that can be seized anywhere and anytime.

Family-Focused Martial Arts Studios Offer Fun Summer Camps

Many martial art studios have regular weekly classes where students train to meet goals, get higher ranking belts, and learn new techniques. Not every child wants to make a long-term commitment initially, and summer programs are a superb way to pique interest. Whether a ninja camp, self-defense training, a martial arts birthday celebration, or another special summer camp, students of all ages can connect with their peers and see if martial arts are a fit. One of the most incredible things about these special camps is that the most reputable studios will offer these daily or weekly events with enthusiastic and engaging instructors to keep students learning and active. The professional studios do an excellent job with these camps, and many return for regular training after being immersed in the environment. If you are in the Carlsbad or Rancho Bernardo areas, contact SwiftKick Martial Arts for an awesome experience! A healthy, happy, and family-friendly studio works best for younger students and fosters building friendships among the students in training.

Martial Arts Go All Year Long

Unlike many school activities or sports, martial arts are year-round, and the only limits are those established by each student’s drive to improve. Young students learn to set goals and work towards them, recognizing effort equals reward. Martial arts are an individual sport, which is very effective with children who do not thrive in the typical team sport dynamic or highly competitive training typical in certain club activities. Martial arts are the perfect balance of physical activity, balance, and focus. Parents and students love martial arts training because of the life skills that come alongside improved technique and skill. Naturally, self-defense techniques are part of training, and many students feel empowered and confident after attending a camp or class. If your child can’t participate in a camp this summer, most professional and established studios will allow you to watch a class or even come in for a free session – this is such a great way to see what it will be like and if it will be a match.

A Summer of Change and Growth

It is true that many people get interested in martial arts because they want to learn some impressive karate or kickboxing moves. And while they will learn impressive techniques, many overlook the positive side effects of martial arts training. Based on rich historical traditions, martial arts require mind and body balance. As school ends, all children need to find a new balance. Instead of the pendulum swinging in such dramatic ways, centering on regular training brings centeredness most never consider when choosing this option.

Middle school and high school students often fantasize about a big post-summer reveal when they return to school. If your teen is in this group, martial arts can literally transform school-aged children. Family after family testifies to the positive changes martial arts made for their child. Studios that include foundational martial arts practices of focus, respect, and self-control in training yield incredible results.

Non-Screen Time

Although most parents wish their children were in front of the screen less, parents get to fill the empty time in the summer. Getting your child involved in any summer camp around physical exercise will ultimately benefit everyone in the house! Since martial arts is an individual sport and progress is self-managed, practicing outside the studio quickly shows students how their work and practice pay off. Spending time off-screen is a good break for children as they have time to focus on themselves without the noise of social media and other information feeds that tell them what to think.

Of course, with time comes maturity, and some habits naturally fall away. However, with martial arts training, many students, for the first time, successfully identify characteristics they want to display. This internal desire is a massive credit to masterful, compassionate, and encouraging instructors who embody the characteristics associated with martial arts. Some children will likely be transformed through martial arts this summer. Some may decide to lead when they used to follow. Some may find a voice when they previously did not want to share. Some have the confidence to take on new challenges and realize they have control over their success in martial arts and how the skills learned in this healthy environment benefit them throughout life.

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