Girls in martial arts

Girls Excelling in Martial Arts

Nothing is greater than watching your daughter or granddaughter grow in strength and confidence, excelling in life and leading others. San Diego is experiencing a surge of girls signing up for martial arts training. Is it a trend, word of mouth, or both? Although nobody can say for sure, the increasing number of families introducing their children to martial arts is undeniable. Over time, martial arts has become a sport for boys and girls, and girls are excelling in all areas of life through excellent martial arts training programs. Girls learn self-defense techniques and other life-saving skills that naturally build their confidence which carries over into school, home, friendships, and other activities.

Girls Can Do Anything Boys Can Do

Depending on your age, this sounds familiar. Over the decades, women have fought their way to recognition and acknowledgment of their equal talents, abilities, and skills. What an incredible role model to have female martial arts instructors train girls, from as early as age three, up in the ways and teachings of an excellent martial arts program. Martial arts is a journey that emphasizes that women can be strong and confident in today’s society.

Martial arts give girls the same platform as boys. Kicking, punching, yelling, and being able to take down an opponent of the same or greater size is something unique to martial arts. Girls are empowered by the possibility of being able to take care of themselves and not be a victim of someone trying to harm them.

Many organized sports separate boys and girls, but martial arts do not. Boys and girls train together, and with personal goals to achieve, every student progresses differently. Exceptional studios treat all students equally and always maintain a professional atmosphere that fosters learning and stretch goals.

Girls Become Better Athletes Through Martial Arts Training

The unique martial arts teachings include using the mind and the body to achieve a move or technique. In martial arts, the mind and body work together and are not independent. Strength is not measured by muscle size or how much weight can be lifted. Instead, martial arts strength comes from focus, balance, and self-control. Many times, girls who participate in martial arts training for any extended length of time find they are more capable when trying other sports through school or clubs. Additionally, increasing confidence that organically occurs through martial arts training gives girls the courage to try new things at school as they know they can achieve anything they put their mind and effort into.

Girls Lead On and Off the Mat

The unique way professional martial art studios train is to develop the foundational characteristics associated with martial arts. Self-respect, honor, integrity, and self-control are core to traditional martial arts training programs. The practice of setting goals within martial arts to achieve belts and move up in rank allows girls to see the potential to set goals and lead. In today\’s social media-driven entertainment, young girls need positive role models to be reminded of their value and identity outside of that realm. Martial arts training provides that confidence and develops natural leaders that emerge both in the studio and outside.

Girls Competing in Martial Arts

It is encouraging to see many more girls competing in martial arts nationwide. Junior martial arts leagues and local competitions make attending and participating in these events more accessible than ever. If a student expresses interest in competing, work with your local studio owner to find the best tournaments for your child. Competing can be an excellent way to develop further the physical and mental skills taught in martial arts studios. Encouraging girls to compete should begin at home and be supported by the studio owner and instructors.

Strides in Anti-Bullying

Anyone who has enrolled their child in a family-friendly martial arts studio can tell you how their training helped in a real-life situation. Bullying, even cyber-bullying, has been faced head-on by students training in martial arts. Many studios have a team of instructors who understand the concerns students deal with outside the studio and keep the students talking. It is critical that instructors can discuss what is happening outside the studio and guide students in an appropriate way to handle bullying. What surprises some is the increased compassion many students exhibit through extended martial arts training. Many who would not have had the confidence to speak up for themselves or others find they can more easily say something about wrongdoing.

Everyone benefits from martial arts training if the girl in your life is three, nine, or sixteen. As much-needed attention is given to the mental health of the younger generations, martial arts training becomes even more relevant. A healthy mind and body are balanced in martial arts and unmatched in any other sport. If you live in San Diego and want a great studio, contact SwiftKick Martial Arts for a free class!

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