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Five Different Self-Defense Martial Art Trainings for Women

All styles of martial arts were initially created for self-defense and combat purposes. The tried and true practices and techniques of different martial arts styles have allowed the “underdog” to come out victorious throughout history. When it is time for you to choose the best martial arts style to learn self-defense, there are different arts that are known to be better for most women and give them the greatest abilities when it comes to defending themselves.

Women most often seek martial arts training so they can protect themselves and get out of a dangerous situation. Although martial arts training is based on self-defense, women must learn self-defense they can utilize effectively. Self-defense martial arts training has several benefits for women, including weight loss, self-confidence, and muscle and core strengthening. There are five martial arts styles that have been shown to be the most effective and the best fit for women learning self-defense.

Karate Is a Popular Style Providing a Solid Self-Defense Foundation

Karate remains the most popular martial art style. Karate uses arm and leg attacks, which some see as an advantage, whereas others prefer to focus on one set of limbs. Within Karate, there are a variety of styles, and some are better known for street-ready self-defense. However, the fast strikes of Karate training at a qualified dojo can equip students to protect themselves in a dangerous situation. Self-defense is about getting away and saving your life, and Karate delivers these skills to students who train hard and stick with it.

Muay Thai is Effective But Requires Physical Strength

Women are naturally at a physical disadvantage, primarily based on size and height when facing a male attacker in most circumstances. Many who train in martial arts may say that Muay Thai training is too harsh for women. However, when it comes to defending yourself, there is no value in training gently and being unable to deliver some real damage to get away from someone trying to do you harm. Muay Thai trains in short- and long-range kicks and powerful strikes, including the use of the elbows, and teaches women how to deliver brutal blows effectively. There is a physical and strength requirement for those using Muay Thai in self-defense, and as mentioned, women tend to be at a disadvantage when facing a male opponent. Therefore, this training style alone may not be the best fit for all women.

Judo Equips Students to Defend Oneself When Strikes Are Ineffective

Karate and Muay Thai techniques are effective when an individual is in the suitable range to deliver a strike or kick effectively. When women are attacked, they are often in close range and unable to deliver anything to deter the attacker and get away. Judo is different because it allows students in training to flip and slam their attacker, allowing them time to get away. When striking is not possible or effective, Judo can be used against a larger opponent. Judo, as with all self-defense training, must be practiced regularly to maintain skills.

Krav Maga Designed for Combat and Excellent Self-Defense for Women

Krav Maga is a self-defense style that remains one of the most combat-style self-defense training available. Originally designed for combat and war-style scenarios, Krav Maga training includes things that would be illegal in training, like eye pokes and groin strikes. However, knowing how to deliver these can save a life. An important thing to consider is that when training in Krav Maga, training at a reputable studio with experienced and professional instructors is essential. Training in this style anywhere else puts people at risk.

Mixed Martial Arts is a Hybrid Self-Defense Training Style

Some may argue that MMA is not a unique martial arts training style since it is a hybrid of many different types. The benefit of MMA training for women to learn self-defense is that it will teach and sharpen grappling skills, how to defend oneself on the ground and improve striking accuracy and effort. Mixed martial arts are an incredibly practical self-defense training for women.

Regardless of the self-defense training you choose, there are several benefits that women, and all students for that matter, will experience as part of training. Students training in self-defense martial arts will feel healthier, more flexible, more confident, and stronger. Martial arts are a terrific way to have fun, learn valuable self-defense skills, connect with others, and build strength and balance. Martial arts training provides a safe and healthy environment to learn with others, set goals, and be in an encouraging forum to learn self-defense.

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