The Power of Focus (part 2)

Focus is the defining factor between someone training in the martial arts and someone who is a martial artist.  Being a martial artist is not directly related to the skill or belt one has achieved but a mindset that is consistently maintained.

A famous Russian painter, Vitaly Komer, attributed focus as being the number one attribute that brought him success in his art. He heralded that to become an artist one must be wholly consumed by their work.  He said, \”Concentration, in its truest, unadulterated form, means the ability to focus the mind on one single solitary thing.\”

This kind of focus has proven to be a common denominator among successful people and high achieving athletes.  The challenge is that in this day and age, how difficult it is for people to focus their minds on one thing!  No wonder most successful athletes pay top dollar for mentoring and coaches.  A coach helps you to stay focused and to focus on the right things.

When an individual begins to attain keen focus in their life a transformation occurs.  They begin to foster excellence in their craft and begin to see reflections of it in various areas of their life.  Because it is on their mind they are constantly learning and thinking of ways to improve and be creative.  They are transforming into an artist.  For such a student in a martial art, the training and discipline becomes a way of life, not simply a belt to attain.

Tenants  and techniques taught in martial arts will begin to bleed into every area of a martial artist\’s life.  A good teacher understands and fosters this dynamic.

I love the classic character of Mr. Miyagi in the original Karate Kid.  On the day he began training Daniel he explained, \”Either you\’re in or you\’re out.  If you\’re somewhere in between you will get squashed like a grape!\”

Although at Swiftkick we understand there are various levels of commitment and reasons why people train, it is true that if one desires to really excel in martial arts and plans on competing at any level this is most definitely true!

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Mr. Miyagi had vision for using every day activities to develop technique and character.  Recently one of my students experienced a fun way to work on his footwork as he  weedwacked  a yard full of head high weeds.  About half way through he got the idea to get in his stance and move with proper footwork.  Footwork was on his mind because he had asked me what he could work on to gain advantage as a shorter guy sparring against people who had much more of a reach. I told him to get really good at footwork.  By honing in on a skill he needed to develop in his life he turned work into a technique building exercise.  By doing this he got his work done much faster and had fun doing it.  This is an example of focus.

Bruce Lee taught, \”The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.\”

What do you need to hone in on and work at in your life? Have you developed a routine and disciplines that are fostering your goals and vision for your life? Are you leveraging every opportunity to maximize your learning?  Do you have good mentors and coaches in your life? Having laser-like focus will revolutionize your life!

If you are currently a student with us I challenge you to take your training to the next level!  Feel free to consult with me how we can do this and experience the benefits of maintaining strong focus in your training and your life.

If you are not currently training in a studio, I invite you to come and train with us here at Swiftkick. You will receive dynamic coaching and be immersed in a community of focused individuals. I would love to give you the opportunity to join couple free classes and see if martial arts is a good fit for you!


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