Womens Self-Defense One Day Seminar

We are excited to announce our women\’s self-defense seminar!

In this course you will learn:
  • How to stop an attack before it happens.
  • How to break free if someone aggressively grabs you.
  • How to effectively fight from the ground if someone takes you down.
  • The importance of exhibiting self-confidence in how you carry yourself.
  • Psychological elements of combat and how to function in a hyper-adrenalized state.
  • How your voice is an effective weapon.
  • Practical self-defense moves that could save your life!

This one day event will occur on Saturday, October 22nd, 1:00-3:00 PM at our Rancho Bernardo studio.

Good news! We have made this one-day class available for an affordable $47!

Give us a call today to reserve your spot in our seminar and take advantage of the discounted price! There are limited spots available.  (858)385-1600.

Not able to make that date?  Good news!!  If you round up at least five friends, we will plan a seminar just for you! What a fun way to spend the afternoon with your friends!

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