Key Training Dynamics for Women

I really love the no nonsense, tough mentality I have seen continue to grow among women the past few years.  More and more women are joining boxing and martial arts gyms, joining task forces and even the military.  Even with this empowering mindset, women are still different then men and certain dynamics are needed for women to really thrive in high contact training.

For instance, if a woman is favored too much in sparring situations she will not get the proper training she needs to be able to function in real life combat situations.  If battered too much or involved in an environment that is hyper-competitive a woman may drop out of training completely.  So what is the answer?

I believe part of the answer can be seen at Swiftkick studio.  Over half of our students are female, of which most have been involved for a long time.  Our students seem to really enjoy class and continue to stay engaged and involved in their training.

I believe the reason for this is that the training experience at Swiftkick is truly unique in the industry. To enhance the learning experience we provide a positive, fun, and safe experience for all our students. To keep our training practical and effective, our training experience is alive and dynamic. To build confidence, we minimize fear based responses, egotism, and hyper-competitiveness.  We also enjoy what we are doing and the relationships formed here.

The relationships formed, the benefits of martial arts ability, and the benefit of personal fitness have many of our women jumping into as many classes that they can fit into their week. We also have an artistic class, teaching diverse forms of martial arts for performance, as well as short term seminars. (In fact we have a three week course coming up in just a couple weeks, starting  October 29th!)

SwiftKick’s training program uses a proven method called Crazy Monkey Defense (CMD). The Crazy Monkey Defense Program has successfully been used to train the military, police departments, champion fighters in the martial arts, and leaders in business and government on a worldwide basis. Throughout the course of training, our students will become well-versed in boxing, kickboxing, grappling, wrestling, and combat military defense.

In the Crazy Monkey Defense Program a woman can learn self preservation skills that are very easy to implement in real life situations. She can also develop martial arts skills in an environment that is not overbearing, allowing her to gradually get used to the natural stresses of sparring.

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