The Foundation of SwiftKick

As we round out 2021, it seems the perfect time to reflect and recognize each individual\’s incredible contribution to help make SwiftKick, Martial Arts, San Diego such a tremendous success. In gratitude, over the next two weeks, we introduce the dedicated team of corporate staff and instructors led by founder and owner Brian Cowell. Brian’s vision stems from a long history in martial arts training, applying the foundations throughout life.

In this week’s blog, we find out more about Brian himself and his talented corporate staff. Next week, we meet the instructors who bring it all together on the mats, creating dynamic martial arts training programs unmatched in San Diego.

Meet the Founder

Brian Cowell is why SwiftKick Martial Arts, San Diego came to be. Training in martial arts from a young age, Brian attributes many of his successes in life to the core values he learned in martial arts training. Providing an incredible example for his staff and students, Brian designs age-specific programs, always focusing on the tools he learned growing up in martial arts. Holding a fourth-degree black belt in Taekwondo, Brian has first-hand experience as a student and carries that forward through his years as an instructor and now as the proud owner of SwiftKick. There really is no better experience than having lived it, facing the challenges and triumphs that naturally come through extended training.

Brian\’s purposeful and inclusive programs incorporate multiple martial art styles, instructing in techniques appropriate for each age and level of training. Brian continues to realize the many benefits from martial arts training and incorporates discipline and perseverance in all his programs. Achieving his first black belt at 16, Brian brings his own experience juggling training with school as a teenager, becoming an adult and persevering training with the additional demands including college, and ultimately fulfilling his vision to start his own martial arts training studio. Bringing more than 15 years of experience in various martial art styles, Brian’s passion became a reality when he began SwiftKick in Carlsbad at 22 years of age. Over the years, building on the success of the Carlsbad location, Brian started a second training facility in Rancho Bernardo. The two facilities have become part of the community, with many powerful testimonials of those who have also realized the benefits martial arts training offers.

Brian truly embodies SwiftKick’s motto, “Train Hard. Fight Smart.”

Meet the Corporate Staff

The corporate staff at SwiftKick may seem more \”behind the scenes.\” However, Brian and the rest of the team would happily admit they all need each other, with each person offering something unique and valuable to the SwiftKick experience. Choosing the corporate staff to work closely with him, Brian ensures his vision is realized and consistently the highest quality experience. Finding Bev and Eric rounded out Brian’s corporate team, allowing SwiftKick to continue building and extending its outreach into the martial arts community. Offering programs such as self-defense, ninja camp, after-school training, and champion classes, the SwiftKick corporate team sees a need and finds a way to fill it.

Eric Carreras is Director of Business Operations, bringing an extensive background in martial arts training and expertise in business administration. Eric loyally served as a Marine and was honored to have the opportunity to teach martial arts within the Marine Corp. Eric’s vast experience in multiple disciplines gives him a unique perspective, bringing knowledge of Jeet Kune Do, Krav Maga, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Eric\’s dedication to martial arts and military training brings consistency, commitment, and professionalism to SwiftKick, Martial Arts, San Diego.

Bev Smith is not just the friendly face you will often see at the facilities. She is Director of Client Services, welcoming and handling new memberships, marketing, and special events. Bev\’s psychology, leadership, and teaching background equip her to encourage others in their training journey. Starting with her family training at SwiftKick, Bev\’s story is also a powerful testimony of the training effectiveness offered at SwiftKick. She was so passionate about her own family’s experience that she found herself at home on the corporate team right here at SwiftKick.

As you can see, Brian has chosen wisely when it comes to the corporate team that supports the administrative and marketing elements of SwiftKick, Martial Arts. The teamwork and the significant programs that have been implemented throughout SwiftKick’s growth are all essential to its continued success. Brian’s story is inspirational, proving that the focus, determination, perseverance, and commitment taught through martial arts is relevant and applicable to many areas of life.

Next week we meet the incredible team of instructors, hand-chosen by Brian, to continue to build the SwiftKick legacy. Changing lives, bringing unity to communities, and helping people transform their lives through martial arts training is a gift that all can be grateful for this Christmas.

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