One Family’s Martial Arts Journey

As far as they can remember, their one and only son would continually come home from school with notes of misbehavior. Challenged with making and keeping friends since early elementary school, their son yearned for companionship but struggled with self-control and emotional surges. Minimal or non-existent attention span length also seemed to be a hindrance in school, home, and other social activities.

Attempts to enroll in music lessons, organize playdates, and participate in organized team sports were exhausting and often ended in tears and frustration. In desperation, this family decided to enroll their son in martial arts to focus energy on something good and hopefully have long-lasting effects. Although neither parent had a background in martial arts specifically, the values of martial arts seemed to naturally align with what they were teaching at home.

This is their story of how martial arts began as a last resort and has ended up being the best thing they ever did for their son. Currently adorning a red belt and leading with confidence in school and socially, their son is proof that martial arts are an excellent tool for children struggling with behavioral issues from a young age.

Getting a Handle on Basic Martial Arts Traits

Minimal self-control and disregard for respect continued to cause issues at playdates, school, and family events. Things could be going great in one minute, and the next was a chaotic scene of lying and physical altercations with other children. In one instance, their son impulsively pulled a chair out from under a friend at a party and injured the other child. The parents knew their son wasn\’t bad or mean but suffered from impulse and self-control issues.

Walking into the studio and seeing other students his age instantly put the family at ease. The instructors seemed to have control of the classes and welcomed their son. It was challenging to go from nothing to stricter guidelines, but children are often underestimated in their ability to adapt to new scenarios. Children crave structure and thrive in it, which is why martial arts training is such a success for many people.

Learning self-control and respect for himself and others began their successful journey. Programs at a professional and skilled martial arts studio will build on primary skills while focusing on the mental aspects, including self-control and respect. Over the years, watching their son achieve, struggle, fail, and reach higher has been rewarding for the entire family.

Developing More Mature Characteristics Through Martial Arts

When failing used to send their son into a tailspin of emotions and outbursts, martial arts training has changed that. Building on the foundational characteristics of self-awareness and self-control has allowed him to accept failure as a step to greater achievement. Perseverance, confidence, and independence are three of the most outstanding achievements this family attributes to martial arts training.

The journey that began with fits at parties to a controlled, respectful, and confident boy of 11 years old is an amazing one. Martial arts have had such an incredible impact on their lives that they have postponed relocating so their son can stay with the studio. This family has considered moving out of the area on more than one occasion. However, the strength of the relationships with the instructors and peers at the studio has convinced them to stay longer. Training in martial arts has provided and continues to offer immense benefits for this family and many like them.

Martial Arts Families Are Not Alone

Hopefully, it is comforting that you are not alone if your children are facing some of the same challenges. Maturity will naturally happen as they get older but providing them with the sound structure and trait-building skills of martial arts significantly help. If you are considering martial arts, it is best to find a local studio and ask to attend a class for free. Finding a family-friendly studio that is clear on their goal setting and expectations for belt progress is critical.
Although martial arts do not claim to heal or eliminate health issues, it has proven time and time again to not only provide physical health benefits but improve mental health too. The values and characteristics that are taught are valuable throughout life. Training allows children to learn many things in the studio essential to successfully navigating school, work, and life. The design of excellent martial arts programs provides a way for all students to start without background or training and allows them to achieve and set goals at their own pace.

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