MMA’s Mental Strength

SwiftKick Mixed Martial Arts training teaches a lot of things. One of these things is the power of positive thinking. R.B., from Carlsbad, found that focusing on positive thoughts helped to reach new physical challenges. Instead of worrying about areas that were lacking, positive thoughts helped R.B. strive to reach, and meet new limits. It’s been nearly a year and a half since a friend first invited R.B. to an MMA class. The lessons of mental toughness in the gym have helped in other areas of R.B.’s life, too, including improving communication skills like recognizing and vocalizing personal needs. Besides the mental growth that SwiftKick classes have brought R.B., they, of course, brought physical benefits. The classes provide a sense of physical release that R.B. misses when having to miss a class.

Te-Ju Lian, from Malaysia, also praised the mental benefits of martial arts training, calling the training “the most holistic martial arts system I’ve seen.” Te-Ju noticed mental conditioning from the classes that benefited other areas of life, as well. Carlsbad mother A.A. spoke highly of the psychological benefits for her son, who began training at SwiftKick when he was only 4 years of age. Her son not only learned self-defense skills, but the process also developed his character, helping him greatly with his confidence in social situations. Among the areas that she and her husband noted that SwiftKick benefited their son was respect for his self, as well as others, and self-control.

Another parent, Kerri of 4S Ranch, declared that SwiftKick surpassed the expectations that she and her husband had for their daughter. While their daughter learned the physical skills to protect herself, she has also overcome fear; now she knows that she is prepared for any threatening situation she might be faced with.