After School Self Defense Classes

SwiftKick Martial Arts in San Diego, now offers after-school programs, including “Boxing in Self Defense.” There are many benefits for children who train with SwiftKick, including improved confidence, improved health, and increased focus. Not only does greater confidence increase one’s mood and sense of self, it can also prevent bullying before begins. The martial arts programs at SwiftKick benefit physical health, from conditioning and strengthening muscles to increase flexibility and agility. In addition, such training burns calories, helping to maintain a healthy body weight. And while full-body workouts help to increase stamina, martial arts exercise can even improve posture, which has health benefits as well as contributing to a positive self-image.

The discipline and focus offered by SwiftKick martial arts classes help develop children become more mentally and physically aware. One result of this is an improved ability to make decisions, which further contributes to confidence. Such self-awareness of thought contributes to greater mental and emotional health, helping to regulate stress and increase focus. As a result, martial arts training can even contribute to a more positive experience, and better performance, in school.

SwiftKick self-protection classes emphasize that physical self-defense is only to be used as a last option. The “Boxing in Self Defense” class teaches students the skills needed to protect themselves, including the knowledge of when, and when not, to defend themselves physically. As a result of SwiftKick classes, a child will be much more prepared to deal with the unpredictable events of real life situations, whether that means protecting oneself from a bully, or staying focused through a challenging classroom lesson.

SwiftKick offers classes for all children’s age groups, including Explorers (ages 3-5), Pathfinders (ages 6-11), and Impact+ (for teens), and has afterschool programs with 5 schools in the area. Interested parents can contact Swiftkick at for more information, or to enroll their child.