SwiftKick Martial Art’s Founder

Meet Brian Cowell, head teacher and founder of SwiftKick Martial Arts of San Diego. In addition to his Fourth Degree Black Belt, earned in Tae Kwon Do, Brian is also licensed as a Trainer for the International Monkey Defense Program. From spending more than 15 years training in various forms of martial arts, he has developed the Applied Martial Arts system by combining the best elements of combat self-defense with the best of mixed martial arts.

Brian attributes the conditioning from his years of training to help him achieve success in other areas of his life. At only 22, he founded his own corporation, as well as completing an MBA at San Diego State University. His hard work in mixed martial arts training have paid off – the life lessons, drive, focus, and self-awareness they helped him develop have prepared him to take on whatever challenges come next, whether inside the gym or inside the office.

SwiftKick Instructors

Senior Instructor JT Smith joined SwiftKick in 2007, after studying Japanese Sword (Katana), and other martial arts, including Tae Kwon Do. JT is the Lead Instructor for Pathfinder classes, Director of the Leadership Team University, and Lead Instructor of Ninja Camp. He is also an Instructor in the After-School Program and is a Member of the Demonstration Team. JT, who holds a Black Belt in Applied Martial Arts, also writes music, poetry, and novels.

Lead Instructor Debbie Green has been a Martial Arts trainer for 10 years, after earning a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Debbie’s journey with Martial Arts began when her children were training. Seeing how much they were enjoying their training, she began to train with them. Her specialties are 3-5-year-old children, special needs trainers, and the After School Enrichment Programs. Describing herself as a “happily married mother of two,” Debbie is Lead Instructor in Rancho Bernardo’s Explorer Program, Instructor for Special Needs, and the After-School Program; Assistant Tae Kwon Do Instructor.