Karate Kid of the Month

SwiftKick Martial Arts would like to recognize a very special student Jack Seyle:


Karate Kid of the month!

Jack is truly an outstanding student. Jack has been training with SwiftKick for three years and is currently a purple belt.  I\’ve seen him grow tremendously as a martial artist and as a young man through his years in training. When Jack first started in classes with SwiftKick, he was timid, shy, and a bit unsure of himself. Now, I see a new Jack— confident, enthusiastic, and courageous!

What impresses me most is how he has transformed with his sparring. At first, Jack would shy away from punches and truly seemed intimidated by his bigger, older classmates. Through perseverance Jack worked hard EVERY WEEK to build his skills and confidence. Now he spars with his eyes forward, his punches flying, his feet moving, and smiling! I\’m so proud of Jack and know that this skill will translate into every area of his life.

Besides martial arts, some of Jack’s favorite things to do are kart racing at K1, playing paintball and flag football, building things, playing the piano and anything that involves mathematics.  He will be moving to England soon. We’ll miss you Jack!


We had the privilege to interview Jack’s mom, Michele.  Here is what was said:

Q:  Hold old was Jack when he first started training with SwiftKick?

A:  9 years old

Q:  What was the motivation behind starting? 

A:  Jack tends to be on the shy side.  He didn’t have much interest in group sports.  We wanted to try it out, thought it would be good for him to gain confidence and be challenged.  We also liked the discipline and tenants in martial arts like respect for self and others and also perseverance.

Q: Did you begin to notice any changes in Jack after training for a time?

A:  He was a little nervous at first but willing to give it a try. After a very short time he was hooked.  It was one of the very first things he always has wanted to come to.

Q:  What is Jack’s favorite things about SwiftKick?

A:  He really likes sparring—not my favorite, but he likes it.  He likes the opportunity for belt testing and moving forward as his progress is noted and visible.  He like that acknowledgment.

Q:  You are moving to England soon.  What is something you feel Jack will take with him that he’s learned?

A:  There’s so many things…Sometimes its like having a different child than 3 years ago. I mean, I know some of it is just him maturing, but there are some things that clearly has come from martial arts; so many little things we see at home that we know is from it.  Like doing things the first time when asked and having courtesy. We see him doing that.

One of the biggest things is his confidence.  He was so timid before and now his confidence translates to moving across the world and feeling good about it.  He feels good enough about himself, he’s really come out of his shell.  He has found so many positives to moving.  We are really surprised about his attitude and know it has a lot to do with martial arts.

Another one is perseverance—when something is hard you keep on keeping on.  The mind part of martial arts is big.  Also the tenants. Most sports don’t incorporate that into the teaching of it.

Q:  What will you miss the most about SwiftKick when you move?

A:  Brian has a way of recognizing and acknowledging each kid in every single class. The positive affirmation, energy, and confidence is so important.  And its based on something real—Brian recognizes what kids are doing in class.

Brian has a way of relating to the kids, speaks to them on their level while at the same time commanding respect.  We haven’t had family out here and Brian has been such an excellent role model for my son.  He talks a lot about commitment and perseverance and that has been really good for my son. We’ll really miss that!




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